UFO Contact are we Ready

Are we ready for an in person connection with an ‘unidentified flying object?’ From the current global climate of suspicion and conflict, it doesn’t seem realistic to imagine we are collectively ready to interact with what may be riding inside of the vehicle in question. I do think we all have a severe case of curiosity about any UFO that we might admit to seeing. So if curiosity is enough evidence we are ready for UFO contact, perhaps some of us are. However, that is just the beginning.

What if the UFO makes landing as it did in “The Day The Earth Stood Still?” Are any of us ready to deal with a representative of an unknown species from another planet? Perhaps this is more than our curiosity seeks to comprehend.

Are you ready to meet a being who not only has a different accent, skin variation, cultural expressions, attitude, belief system, and an unpredictable emotional makeup, along with assorted body parts that may be unfamiliar? This does sound like a powerful challenge for the average humans I have encountered. And based on conflicts already fulminating on the planet, UFO drivers may have to consider a more distant delivery date.

Of course, a UFO might deliver beings that are very similar to us. It’s not impossible, merely improbable. Until now these mysterious vessels from outer space arrive without a previous announcement or landing location. Can you imagine if we were notified of an arrival at any one location? Curiosity would bring throngs of people from everywhere to bear witness to the landing. Fear would inspire many others to hide in caves and tunnels.

In nineteen eighty-five while driving with a friend on a busy Long Island street, a UFO appeared and hovered over our car. We were just about to turn onto a darker less traveled street when it popped into our view and hovered directly above us. There were white and red lights placed around the edges of a disc shaped vessel. The lights were steady and not flickering in any way. It was clearly not a helicopter or small aircraft. It stayed with us for another seven or eight seconds and then disappeared. There is no question it was a UFO. Both my friend and I were speechless for a bit, and completely agreed on what we saw. I have never seen another one.

Since UFOs do not appear in our atmosphere with any regularity, and never land, we might assume they are not really interested. Perhaps we scare them for some reason. Maybe we’re on some kind of space tour of planets not yet ready for a union with them.

I have convinced myself that some of us are ready for contact with a UFO. I saw one, and then it went away. So long as they do no harm, perhaps we should keep an open mind about contact with them.