UFO Contact are we Ready

I was walking home one night, in a town where I had lived for more than 25 years, a street two blocks long and as straight as a new steel ruler. I had walked this very street perhaps tens of thousands of times, growing up as a child this very street was the route to and from my junior school, where I had attended a student for over nine years, from the age of 4 years old. This street, let’s call it “Staton Ave.” was as well the route to my best friend’s house and also my child hood baby sitter. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked this very street and the trip is only five minutes at best. I began my walk home at 2:30 am some beautiful summer morning many years ago, I did arrive, intact at my desired location, but this is where it gets a little bit odd to say the least. I was standing as close to the building’s wall mounted mail boxes as humanly possible, my nose, a mere millimeter away from what would have been my old apartment #3’s dedicated mail box. You see we had moved into apt # 1 about 10 years after moving into the same building. I didn’t even have keys which would allow me to access the very area I was now standing in, bewildered and doing my best to make sense of what was going on and why I was even there. Wait a minute, where are my keys anyways? I look down to find that I am shoeless, standing in only my socks, where are my shoes? and what time is it? I look down to check and my watch says 2:35am, seems right. As I enter my apartment nearly bare foot and completely confused I make contact eye to kitchen clock……it is 5:30 am…..Where have I been?

Is this real? Is it fiction? Did it happen…..could YOU, handle something like this if you were standing in this person’s socks right now?

I think I could. I am an artist first and foremost, so I tend to become attracted to fantasy and the potential possibilities of our existence, as naturally as I began to paint and draw. The realm of human experience, I believe is quite different from the daily experiences we are as people, are convinced we are experiencing. An amazing movie “The Matrix” posed as simple yet mind numbing question, “Do you really believe that it is “air” you are breathing?” Wow. I know it’s just a movie but that question sent my mind into a never ending spiral of life and the possibilities of our true existence. Anything is possible! I am content figuring that the math of it all would prove it to be nearly impossible that we the human, are the only living breathing form of intelligence in this entire realm of known and as well unknown universes and galaxies. I think it may only prove how we humans are ignorant enough to believe this in the first place! So on to the greater question, are we ready?

I realize that it has only been a paragraph, but now, I KNOW I am ready. I want to know. I want to believe that a “connection” of this magnitude could only improve our human condition one way or the other. At least the truth would be “greeting” us right in the face. It’s easy to get caught up in the Hollywood versions of alien annihilation upon planet earth, but I think that us humans are perhaps some of the only civilizations who are still engulfed in things like arrogance and hate. I believe that “they” have helped our planet before our time and I believe as well, that “they” are not done with us either! I find it funny to say but “Man, could we ever use the help! If any of you aliens are reading this, we sure could use your help, please!”

I think for the most part, most of us humans are ready, obviously there are those who aren’t ready for such truths, well I shall giggle for them when the truth exposed! Poor humanoids! Just be ready to accept “what ever”, that is the best plan, have no expectations one way or the other and you will receive no let down one way or the other either. Just be prepared….the truth “is” out there.