UFO Contact are we Ready

Along the way of my study of UFOs, I’ve wondered, “If it’s really extra-terrestrial craft, are we ready for something like this?” I would venture that many UFO supporters wonder the same thing.

However, this phenomenon did not start in 1947. Therefore, we should look at the question with regard to history as well as to present times.

The list of possible UFO accounts in ancient times includes texts from ancient India. There we find references to something called “vimana,” which is a flying craft. So-called “gods” flew these craft, and sometimes warred with each other, according to the Mahabarata, the epic Sanskrit poem.

In Israel, a cave painting shows a disk-shaped object in the sky and a humanoid figure coming out of it, complete with a helmet that sports antennae and what appears to be some sort of gun. What inspired the cave people that made this painting?

Would they have been ready for alien contact? From the Maya to the Egyptians, ancient cultures proclaim in holy scriptures that their teachers, or “gods,” came from above and walked with man.

It stands to reason that, if ancient peoples had contact with aliens, they would have worshipped them as divine figures. (If we traveled through time and showed a laptop to a primitive human, would he not see us as gods?) That tells me they weren’t ready.

Fast forward to modern times. The surge of modern UFO sightings began when we humans harnessed nuclear power. Most sightings happen over or near military bases. Are they a threat? Or do they see us as a threat?

In order to find a clear-cut answer to whether we’re ready for contact, it seems we must answer a host of other questions. If you’re about to jump into a pool and someone asks, “Are you ready?” You can’t answer yes or no until you’ve answered other questions, such as whether it’s safe to dive in.

It is, however, a question that begs us to take a long, hard look at our society. We, as a society, believe that nothing can supersede us. And this is the height of arrogance.

To presume that we are the most advanced species in the universe is nothing but ego. (Likewise, it’s egotistical (and ignorant) to believe that other life-harboring worlds must be like Earth.) With this in mind, are we ready?


When the next global catastrophe hits, whether it’s an asteroid or whatever, there will be millions of people dumbfounded that such a thing could happen to us. It’s happened before, though. Nature has powerful, undeniable ways of reminding us how small we really are.

I think the same type of situation could happen with alien contact. Until we shed this arrogant, egotistical view of ourselves, we won’t be ready for anything.

It amazes me that, with all we’ve learned, it still takes a shock for us to realize that we’re not at the top of the food chain. Thus, we are far from being ready.