UFO Contact are we Ready

Dealing with paranormal sightings on a vast level can certainly leave one changed. To comprehend the heaven’s opening up and showing you a glimpse of something rarely seen by man, except in ancient religious texts, can indeed make one a bit unstable while trying to attain balance in a normal world based on bills and garbage truck fees.

What is happening in our world? Recently on Peter Jennings ABC Special UFOs seeing is believing for 2 hours on prime time television. A special was declared showing that people all over America were seeing strange craft in their skies. The elderly, your local law enforcement officer, as well as a recorded 911 call of an officer seeing a large triangle craft floating thru their small town.

What is happening? I know it is happening but what to do with it once you have obtained that information. Obtaining that information is the hard part, especially when such circumstances have made you a bit off kilter with normal society. One must hope that it is the best of mankind. That these beings are showing themselves to give us global consciousness about their whereabouts and that they are indeed among us. So much information in this age of technology. Seeing is believing no doubt. Just trying to pick up the pieces of understanding afterwards is where the conflict of man lies. Have you seen them? What do you think is happening?

We have been ready. Sightings have taken place since the dawn of time. Chronicled thru religion
and teachers and masters. From the ancient cave walls of shamans to the hieroglyphics of the egyptians. We have been ready but those in power and control such as our government say otherwise. So they play games with us and try to confuse with conspiracies and other lunacies.
If you do a search on youtube for cnn ufos. You will be amazed at all the news clippings that come up that you can watch. We are ready for even more information now and for most of all the truth of what our government is doing with these beings who come into our world or who have lived here amongst us for aeons. As sightings and contact accelerates and as books hit the market place claiming people have had contact. We will all gently begin to have contact as well. I know I have and it didn’t matter if I was ready or not. It grabs you by the seat of
the pants and get ready for one wild ride.