Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings

So you ask why would the US military cover UFO sightings? Heres a question for you, do bears crap in the woods? As you may of guessed I believe that the military covers up things on a daily basis, they’ve probably had contact with UFOs several times now, we could even be trading technology with these beings every day and not know it.

While it might be just a myth to some people, it seems completely obvious to me. It is possible that there could be a variety of reasons why they would cover up such an event as a UFO sighting. They could be covering this up for financial reasons, maybe these beings have alternative fuels that are easier to get a hold of then oil, as could imagine this would put a lot of people out of work, and it would also damage a part of the economy.

The military could also cover UFO sightings up for our safety, for example if your a parent you know that you want to try and shelter your children as much as you can, after all you only grow up once. If they’re just hiding it from us for this reason and are honest with what they are trying to do, then I can understand this. If people suddenly found out UFOs were real then there would probably be a lot of confusion and fighting going on.

I think a greater question to all of this is, why are the aliens here? Are they here to take us over? Are they here to help us or perhaps warn us of something? If something bad was about to happen and we had no way of stopping it, of course the government would cover it up.

Humans are greedy and if they don’t understand something they will probably shoot first and ask questions later. Which is sad, because if they’re just here to save us then obviously violence towards them is wrong. If the man in charge thinks the right thing to do, and we treat these beings wrong, then that effects everyone on the planet as aliens will want to contact with our leader and through the leader to the people.

Of course in my personal opinion I don’t believe that we are ready for contact with advanced civilizations, they may be watching us waiting for the right time, just like a episode of Star Trek where they try not to give technology to less developed beings. You cant say they aren’t more advanced either, who has the UFOs flying around planets? Anyway the fact of the matter is, as a society we aren’t ready to have contact with these beings, of course if were at war with these other beings I’d sure like to know.