The Roswell UFO Crash Myths and Facts

The Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico, the world’s biggest scientifical discovery or the biggest cover up in history. Back in July 7, 1947 something fell from the sky over New Mexico in landed in a near by farm. The crash was investigated by military personnel and discovered a large site of debris scattered over a large portion of the land. The military announced that they have discovered a UFO crash and printed out a story soon after. But a day later, they retracted the story and substituted it for a crashed weather balloon story. But which ones true, a crashed weather balloon, or something more out of this world?

The UFO crash has been and still is the base battle ground for skeptics and believers.
The crash was first observed by the farmer William Brazel. He claimed that the debris had special qualities and insignias on it. The space craft debris when crumbled up, would unscramble itself. It was also very light weight and nonflammable and also contained symbols. Now if this information is accurate or not is up to each side for debate. The military offers the explanation that the debris is simply aluminum foil for there top secret weather balloon project named “Project Moogle”. And that the designs were simply flower designs on tape.

Aside from the debris collected in the crash site, there was also a claim that alien bodies were collected by the military. 3 bodies were brought back to the air military base and dissected by doctors. Witnesses at the crash seem to back up this information and even a nurse has come out to assist this theory. On the other hand, the military counter attacks this statement by offering there own. they say that the bodies found on the ground were mere crash test dummies that fell from the weather balloon. And that even though they seem to fit the description of the eyewitnesses accounts, it doesn’t necessary make it true though.

People involved in this spectacular event are the only ones that truly know what really happened on July 7, 1947. Does the air military have something to hide, or are they just telling the truth. Depending on which side you are on, you will either say it was a UFO from outer space containing dead alien bodies or a secret weather balloon project with crash test dummies. As a last note, the people involved have said that they’ve been threatened by the government and men in black. We might never know the truth of the Roswell Crash, but we cannot simply dismiss it as just a weather balloon crash or let our imaginations run wild to saying they are aliens from another world.