The Roswell UFO Crash Myths and Facts

There are some facts associated with Roswell that are indisputable and undisputed. We may never know if an alien space craft crashed in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 but there are at least three facts that we know for sure that lead us to believe that one did.

The first fact is that something crashed in Roswell and this fact is undisputed. What is disputed is what it was. We do not know if this was in fact a flying disc of extra terrestrial origin or if it was a top secret mogul balloon made of unique materials of terrestrial origin.

The second fact is that the United States Military publicly announced to reporters that they had captured a flying disc shaped object of extra terrestrial origin and this fact is not in dispute. If one were to search the archives one could find the newspaper headlines. Subsequently the United States Military changed its position saying what was recovered was nothing more than a weather balloon. This fact leads us to two possible conclusions. The first conclusion is that the United States Army officer that declared to the press that we had recovered a UFO was incompetent and could not distinguish between a flying saucer shaped disc of extra terrestrial origin and and a highly specialized balloon made of unique materials of terrestrial origin. I do not subscribe to the first conclusion. The second conclusion is that Military intelligence realized how important a military secret a UFO would be and subsequently covered up the find.

The Third fact is that a cover up happened and this is not in dispute. The United States Government has in more recent years declared that they did in fact participate in a cover up of what actually happened in the Roswell crash. They have said that they were covering up the mogul balloon by calling it a weather balloon. This leads us to only one conclusion. The United States Government can not be trusted to tell its sovereign citizens the truth. The United States Government lies as a matter of course to its people. They have admitted that they lie to us on several occasions and I do not see them coming forward with the truth about Roswell until long after we have been publicly visited by extra terrestrials.

We do know that we have been lied to by our government and that a cover up did exist, we know that either our military officers in 1947 were either incompetent or forced to lie to protect a military secret, and we know there was a crash in Roswell that our military reported was a flying saucer. The fact is that Aliens are here on earth and the US government knows about it. This is a fact even though it is in dispute.