The best Evidence that Ufos Exist

THE BEST EVIDENCE THAT UFOs EXIST for me comes from the most honest person in the universe; my mother and the second most honest person behind her; my sister (not the spoiled rich sister, the hard-working nice sister).

It happened once, a close encounter of sorts, and while I wasn’t a witness to the sighting I was a witness to the ‘sightees’. My mother tucked the bed covers around my seven year old body and with sleep on my heels I can still hear our neighbors’ german shepherds start barking like mad. Living on a dead end road in rural North Carolina, those barks only meant one thing: someone was coming down our road. Their bodies shook their chain link square home as they jumped up with all their force.

Doing dishes, my sister paused to go look out the front door window. Thinking it to be our father home late from one of his many drinking binges, I saw her go by my room with dish towel in hand then I’ll never forget her words upon looking out our front door square eye level window “Mother come quick! It’s heading straight for the house!”

My mother’s only response sums her up to a tee “Well Donna if it’s coming to the house there’s nothing I can do about it!” Simple mind with simple words, my mom. But not even knowing what was coming to the house she looked out my window and saw it just before it zoomed away.

A larger than the house, perfect circle of light apparently had been speeding straight to us ready to hover, hurl or home invade; we’ll never know. My sister swears my mother saved our lives because as soon as she looked out the window it vanished away; wickedly fast, in the opposite direction.

They took note that our huge pine trees were not moving and there was no sound accompanying the light. The dogs, my sister and my mom all saw it though. And me? Well, in this case seeing their reaction was belief enough for me. Spooked to death my mother had to sleep with me and we waited until my father was sober to tell him.

Now, over 30 years later, when they tell the grandchildren, my children, the story tears roll down my face uncontrollably, hairs raise and we all get spooked. They’ve ruled out a plane (no noise, too big), not a bird (no wings), nor a hot air balloon (10pm at night). Army, Navy nor any other official performed tests in our area of life….so what was it? THE BEST EVIDENCE THAT UFOs EXIST to me and my family.