The best Evidence that Ufos Exist

Physical evidence that UFOs exist is the scientific standard for judgment, and many people are not aware that physical evidence is out there. Anecdotal evidence, even by the best of witnesses, is still anecdotal in nature. Physical evidence should not be ignored, but it seems that the scientific community continues to turn a blind eye to the subject. It is not that there is no physical evidence, it is just that the scientific community refuses to respond to it. Until scientists begin to honestly examine physical evidence of UFO events, the people who report UFO sightings will continue to be ridiculed. By now you are wondering, where is this evidence?

The evidence is everywhere. It’s in Florida, in New Mexico, in Texas, in Arizona, in Pennsylvania, and in the hands of military and government agencies. Even Jacques Vallee, well-known UFO skeptic and debunker, notes that the UFO that collided with a windmill in 1897 over Aurora, Texas, left debris that consisted of a metal alloy that was not developed until 1908. This naturally leads to the claims of witnesses, including Mac Brazel, Major Jesse Marcel, and Marcel’s son, who say they saw the aluminum type material from the Roswell Incident in 1947 that sprang back to shape and could not be dented or destroyed. The actual evidence of that material was turned over to authorities at Wright-Patterson, and neither scientists nor the general public have had any access to it since.

In Socorro, New Mexico, police officer Lonnie Zamora not only found imprints in the sand of the of the UFO he had seen, he also found burnt vegetation around the area where the UFO had landed. None of the investigating government agencies, including the FBI, could determine a natural cause explanation for the imprints or the burnt vegetation.

Additionally, a substance much like a spider’s web has been seen floating from a UFO. These instances are rare, but there have been some incidents where the material, called Angel’s Hair, has been collected and examined. Most notably, in northern California in 1958, the substance was collected and tested by a scientific laboratory. The lab was able to rule out mold and spider web, and they could conclude only that the substance was either plant or plastic in origin. A year earlier, a trained biologist caught some of the Angel Hair while at sea and placed it in a glass jar to examine it under the microscope when he got back to land. He planned to look for typical markers that would prove the material to be spider webs, but when he opened the jar, the material was gone.

Private citizens all over the world have reported UFO sightings close to the ground, and the physical evidence left behind is indisputable. Pictures of the landing sites show that grass does not grow in the area, and pet owners report that their pets refuse to go into the area. Even abnormally high radiation levels have been reported in these sites within 24 hours after the reported event.

Does the government have knowledge of UFO reports that have not been released? Here, the evidence is anecdotal, but the patterns are unmistakable. Lyndon B. Johnson was president when the Kecksburg, PA, UFO event occurred. The morning after local citizens reported that “something” had been hauled out of the woods at Kecksburg, President Johnson was at his ranch. That day, the head of NASA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and governor of PA all arrived at the ranch to meet with the President. The information about what was discussed at that meeting has never been disclosed. If you search the internet for what US Presidents have known about UFOs, you will be surprised at just how much information is there. Unfortunately, none of the presidents have gone on the record to disclose exactly what they do know citing national security as the reason for the secrecy. Major Philip Corso, however, worked at the Pentagon, and he later wrote a book detailing his involvement with distributing materials from the Roswell retrieval to appropriate agencies for back-engineering purposes. His book, “The Day After Roswell”, gives detailed information about materials he received, what they did, and where he sent them. He attributes the fast development of laser technology and night vision goggles, as well as many other scientific developments, as the result of that back-engineering.

A final note on what he government knows about UFOs is this. A California man at the age of 17 became interested in UFOs and began ordering copies of information released under the Freedom of Information Act. He scanned the material he received and posted it on the internet. He included the many pages that had been blacked out as not safe to release yet. He called his web site “The Black Vault”. His mother was shocked when FBI agents knocked at her door one day asking to see her son. The agents were just as shocked to learn that the person they were seeking was at the local high school and only 17 years old. If you visit the Black Vault, you can see for yourself that the government not only has page after page of documentation of their investigations of UFO evidence, but that the government continues to black out page after page of that information as being too sensitive to be released to the public.

Is there evidence that UFOs are “out there”? Of course there is. It is in the form of credible witness testimony, pictures and videos, metals and strange materials, and in the form of documentation by our own government. The real question is, what keeps the scientific community from following up on the call for a true scientific investigation of the phenomena?