The best Evidence that Ufos Exist

The best evidence that UFOs exist is that WE exist. We exist in a place where if two hundred years ago you suggested to somebody that it would be convenient to fly across the ocean to see family then two hundred years later we would be doing that. I will suggest to you now that UFOs might be real and I predict that two hundred years from now we will all fly UFOs too.

We have such great science today that we can even make things invisible. A man can now fool you by using a rope with an invisible sheath that can suspend a tank from the ground using man made materials called meta materials which bend the light it receives around it by trapping the photonic waves and directing them around the contours of its surface. We exist in a place where if two hundred years ago you suggested that it would be neat to be invisible then two hundred years later we would be doing that. I will suggest to you know that there are already invisible UFOs flying around us.

We can’t hear those UFOs because their noise is being trapped and diverted away from the listener by a surface also made from materials which can do the same thing to sonic waves and that are also called meta materials. Some UFOs which have the ability to defy gravity do so by using meta materials that reflect a complement of all the waves it has detected and which can sub harmonically communicate with sub harmonics at the right photonic wave lengths so that the very constituents of the fabric of space/time are programmed to repel from them.

The UFOs which are piloted by the naked bug-eyed little pale men ARE actually guided by their minds through a symbiotic link with the energy slash matter touched by their hands amplified throughout the hull of the ship and directed toward the center of the world and tangentials thereof while they flit about the atmosphere. They have this ability because their occipital receptors are tuned to the rays of a blue sun which means that their minds are related to their environments via a detectable subharmonic at a very fast photonic wave length. They gain sustenance by absorbing the energy of the weakest individual in a group. Life is very competitive where they are from. They usually crash when they visit Earth because they are so drained by the time they get here.

The strange long-headed dolicocephaloids (large-headed people) whose skulls are exhibited at the Museo De National in Lima come from the red dwarf sun Gliese 581, about 21 light years away. We call their world Gliese 581C. They have to decode a lot of information from the low light including heat generation and to do that they need more brain than we do. They process with the night-vision acuity which their vision has to cope with but they see details pretty much as good as any of us. They have a year which is about five weeks long but their only minor incompatibility with Earth is that their retinal cones and rods are tuned to the red end of the spectrum and that is on the other side of the visible optical range of frequencies than our little friends from Rigel, about 750 light years away in the Orion group. We sit in the middle between them, seeing mostly around the yellow band of the optical spectrum.

We are tuned to our respective stars. Gliese gave us lima beans and tomatoes. Rigel gave us a few museums and a town whose municipal seal has a graphic of the Roswell incident. I think we will probably give them both computers.

Although we have all been evolving at roughly the same rate we probably lag a little on the time scale and/or expected too much of the Roman Empire but for whatever the reason we do not as yet travel to other stars but will eventually because we have been preparing for that for over fifty years of looking up at the sky with an eye to getting closer.

The very fact that people see things flying around that they can’t identify proves that UFOs exist because if you don’t know what you are looking at then they are unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. Jimmy Carter saw a UFO. William Shatner was abducted by aliens in the Mojave desert and had a life-changing experience. Richard Nixon once took Jackie Gleason to Home Stead Air Force Base and showed him a dead alien.