The best Evidence that Ufos Exist

The best evidence that proves UFOs exist is that there has never been any definitive proof shown that they do NOT exist. Other than that, and we get into some pretty dicey scientific and metaphysical territories. Now, this writer does believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials. However, just because I believe it doesn’t mean I can prove it.

What About All Those Testimonies?

There have been some absolutely fascinating testimonies from individuals of all walks of life about meeting or being abducted by aliens in UFOs. There have also been many collaborative testimonies from different people about seeing the same set of lights or other phenomena in the sky. Most of the testimonies share certain features.

However, all of them can be discounted. Just because thousands of people tell the same story doesn’t make something true. How many readers out there believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus or God? You’ll find about a million other people with the same beliefs and similar personal; testimonies about all three of these figures. But somehow, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and God remain unmanifested into a physical reality.

People make the worst witnesses to anything. They can lie, be under the influence of chemicals, strong emotions or extreme fatigue. Even common ailments like migraines often are preceded with migraines of very real hallucinatory images called auras. Since the human brain struggles to quickly make sense of confusing sounds and images, the brain will often make very wrong conclusions.

What About Films, Photos And Radar Detection?

Any film video, still or digital can be faked or show distortions. And a vast majority of that evidence is blurry and distorted, so you have no idea what is going on. Film is not an entirely reliable recording device, even if the person behind the camera is of impeccable character. Ever see a double exposed picture? They often look extremely convincing.

Unfortunately, this unreliability also extends to the various radar systems that have detected UFOs. Radars have been known to malfunction, to record things moving in the air that turn out to be flocks of birds or balloons, and those reading the radars can also make mistakes.

So, What’s Happening, Then?

Once upon a time, strange sights and experiences were attributed to Deities, Fairies or ghosts. And, in some cases, they still are. UFOs have joined this merry band of our modern mythology. Something happens to us that we can’t quite explain and we help use myths to make sense of it.

There usually is a kernel of truth in just about all myths. There may yet be truth to the UFO myth. However, any conclusive proof of existence has yet to appear. But, neither has the proof of their NON-existence.