The best Evidence that Ufos Exist

UFOs undeniably exist, the clues are out there and if you have an open mind, you can see them. UFOs might seem like a far fetched concept and imply the existence of extra terrestrials as well. If you don’t already know, UFO is an acronym for unidentified flying objects. There’s evidence all around us such as crop circles, abducted witnesses, and conspiracies.

Crop circles have been one of the most controversial events that have caused large speculation on the existence of UFOs. Yes, I’ll admit that most crop circles are made by man, but the truth is, not all of them were. Even if the percentage is as low as 0.001%, that still means without a doubt UFOs caused it. And scientist have another theory that electromagnetism in the Earth caused these elaborate designs, but come one, do you honestly think electromagnetism are the culprits for crop circles? To find the answer, one most look into the vast heavens and into the stars.

Aside from crop circles, abducted and eye witnesses are another source of evidence that UFOs exist. There are many people that claim they have been abducted by extra terrestrials. They claim to have been used as test subjects for unknown reasons and think that aliens even use men and women to make a hybrid of there own kind. This might seem like science fiction, but use rational thinking. One hundred years ago, common flying was science fiction, cell phones were considered science fiction, and even time traveling was considered impossible. Even though we still haven’t achieved time travel, scientist now admit that time travel isn’t as science fiction as they thought it was. So why couldn’t UFOs be possible as well then? The human element mingling with the unknown gives hard evidence and stories about the skies above, UFOs.

Finally, the biggest evidence that UFOs exist are sightings and conspiracy within the government. The government has been covering up evidence of UFOs since the Roswell incident in Roswell, Arizona in the late 1940s. And even know, the government denies facts about the crash, even though Roswell is the most memorable one in the history of the United States, there has also been minor, but crucial, crashes as well. Conspiracies fire up the will within people that UFOs exist, but if you believe that it is not, then ask eye witnesses. If you were to ask every 1 of 5 Americans if they have seen a UFO, 20% would say yes. And even if some are lying, just finding even 1 person that they have seen a UFO will dispute the argument that aliens don’t exist. All it takes is one, to contradict the statement of UFOs not being real.

At the end, UFOs are still unexplained and only the most arrogant person can say without doubt that they don’t exist. It’s like saying we are the only species in the universe with intellectual capacity. But in this vast-less universe, that would be a ludicrous statement. Now think, if our modern civilization has been around for roughly 10,000 years, and the universe has been around for about 6 billion years, whose to say there’s not an alien race that is more advanced than ours. These civilizations could be thousands, millions, or even billions of years more advanced than ours. Most people argue the fact that if aliens are visiting us, why aren’t they taking control of our home planet? And some say, aliens are to advanced and reached a state of sophistication that they do not require war, violence, or turmoil in there society. But even the most hard-headed skeptics have been swayed to believe in UFOs. The evidence is everywhere, the earth, the skies, and in the cosmos. I believe soon in the future, we will have contact with the UFO operators, and that will be the start of the new history of our planet. Were we shattered the wall of solitude around our quaint planet, and discovered that our universe is springing with life.