The best Evidence that Ufos Exist

The proof is overwhelming, UFOs are here. Many people don’t believe it. Then again, most people never look up and watch the sky. So, before everyone laughs and says i’m crazy, let’s look at the evidence.

The 509th Bomb Group was the first unit to be nuclear armed. This unit was thought highly enough to be given the task of dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These men obviously knew their stuff.

In July 1947, the intelligence department of this unit gave a press release. The 509th declared to the world publicly that they recovered the remains of a “flying disk.” This was in Roswell, New Mexico and is known as the Roswell Incident the most famous case in ‘UFOlogy.’ The following day, after the arrival of General Ramey, the Army Air Corps retracted their previous press release and issued a new one saying they recovered a weather balloon. I find it impossible to believe that the renown 509th Bomb Group could mistake the wreckage of a weather balloon as that of a UFO.

After the Roswell incident, and their split from the Army, the Air Force started Project “GRUDGE” to investigate UFO sightings. Unlike Project “SIGN” before it, “GRUDGE” was not allowed to acknowledge extraterrestrials as the explanation of UFOs. As a result, nearly one third of all the reports investigated by Project “GRUDGE” were officially labeled “Unexplained.” Yet others are obvious examples of trying to “explain away” the truth. Who would mistake Venus, a planet you can barely see with the naked eye, as a UFO? The final report of Project “GRUDGE” is available from the National Archives for $0.50 per page (I was quoted $125.00), or from as a series of 8 downloadable PDF files for free. Project “GRUDGE” was superseded by Project “BLUE BOOK.” “BLUE BOOK” was an attempt to disprove UFOs. Even in Project “BLUE BOOK” one in 18 cases are “Unidentified.”

Another document from the National Archives is a statement from the Air Materiel Command. It states that at least one part of the military believe “The phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious.”

The FBI knew about UFOs. J. Edgar Hoover, while head of the FBI said in a report concerning a recovered disk, “The Army grabbed it and wouldn’t let us have it for cursory examination.” That document is available for free download from the FBI website under the Freedom of Information Act. The handwriting at the bottom is that of J. Edgar Hoover.

In the 60’s, USMC Major Donald Keyhoe publicly admitted that the Air Force had a Top Secret estimate that UFO’s are in fact “Interplanetary Spaceships.” This would contradict the USAF official position that they do not exist.

Several US Astronauts have reported sightings. NASA video has captured UFO’s during missions.

President Jimmy Carter reported a sighting, which the Air Force never got back to him about.

In the US there was a federal law that allowed the government to “quarantine” private citizens who where “Extraterrestrially” exposed. This law was officially repealed I believe in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

President Ronald Reagan, on 5 different occasions, mentioned the unifying effect it would have on the world if it knew of a threat of extraterrestrial origin. One of those speeches was while addressing the United Nations.

Congressman Schiff of New Mexico says “he was given the run-around” by the Air Force when he requested information on the UFO phenomena.

President Clinton asked Webb Hubbell, head of the Justice Department, to investigate the UFO phenomena (i.e. “What do we know about it?”). The Air Force refused to co-operate with Hubbells investigation.

The governments of Russia and Mexico openly acknowledge the UFO phenomena and advocate further investigation into the subject.

The government of the United Kingdom has stated “UFOs do not pose a security threat to the realms.”

In 1999 the COMETA Group, a private group of French government officials and scientists, released a report urging diplomatic action with the United States on the UFO issue through the European Union.

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. With the mounting evidence, how can we refuse to acknowledge it? How can we deny it? The truth is out there. It is time for the government to come clean, for full disclosure.