Bizarre UFO Sightings

There have been a number of bizarre UFO sightings over the years. All over the world people have witnessed the sightings of unidentified flying objects.

In the year 1947, Kenneth Arnold reportedly sighted nine unusual objects flying near Mount Rainier, Washington. He was on the lookout for a missing military aircraft when he spotted the shiny objects flying at high speeds. He said that the objects were flying in an erratic fashion. This incident was widely publicized, and is believed to be responsible for the onslaught of future reported incidents. In the same year the Roswell UFO incident occurred. There was a crash that happened near Roswell, New Mexico, that was believed to be that of a UFO. This is probably the most well known of all the UFO incidents through the years.

Another bizarre UFO sighting was said to have taken place in Bonsall, Derbyshire, in the UK. A woman named Sharon Rowlands saw a large, luminous object, with a shimmering pink color, hovering above a field in the sky. She took a video of the object that she believed to be a UFO. Her story was reported in some local newspapers.

There were numerous UFO sightings that happened in the year 1977, on the Brazilian island of Colares. The UFOs were said to have attacked witnesses to the sightings, leaving the victims with burn marks and puncture wounds.

In the year 1976 a bizarre UFO sighting was reported in the Canary Islands. It was particularly unusual as the UFO was reportedly seen for 40 plus minutes in various locations. A few hundred people saw the UFO, both military personnel and civilians. Witnesses described the object as being sphere shaped and translucent.

An Argentinian truck driver was on his way to make a delivery at Rio Gallegos, Argentina when he had to stop to change his truck tire. As he pulled over Dionisio Llanca said that the road was immediately illuminated by a strange yellow light. As he was changing the tire the light turned a blue color. He tried to stand up, but it was as if time had stood still, and he was frozen to the spot. He is then said to have seen a huge object in the shape of a plate, and three people were standing behind him. The strange looking people placed some kind of device on to his finger, he saw blood, and believes he passed out. On awakening he discovered that he was 9 kilometers away from where the incident happened.

A strange light, believed to be a UFO was seen by hundreds of people in Norway, in 2006. The bright green orb was described as being much bigger than an aircraft, and traveling at great speed. The object was later explained to be a bolide, which is a missile type object.

One of the more recent reports of a UFO was sighted near Stephenville, Texas. Reports from witnesses say that they saw flashing lights going at speeds of 2000 to 3000 miles per hour. The strobes are said to have changed patterns and configurations. The craft was reported to have flames coming from it. Investigations are still ongoing about what the object could have been.