Recent UFO Sightings in the us

Over the years there have been many UFO ( unidentified flying object ) sightings in the United States making it not unusual to hear about the sightings and reports although recently in the last month there have been hundred and sixty four reported sightings throughout the United States. Many of these reports speak of a fast moving object that usually vanishes from view within seconds. The shapes of the objects are usually disk, circle, cigar, egg, and triangle shaped though there are many more reported shapes. Like the shapes in assortment so is the color ranges of the UFOs ( unidentified flying objects ). The locations of the UFOs ( unidentified flying objects ) are spotted all over the country though many cases have been reported in the southern part of Nevada where the Area 51 base is located. The following UFO ( unidentified flying object ) sighting is not in Nevada, but in another location where many UFOs ( unidentified flying object ) have been seen. One sighting took place on the eighth day and August month in the year two thousand and eight around eleven thirty at night in the sky of a residential backyard in Lacey, Washington. A local resident stared up at the night sky hoping to see an early meteor since the meteor shower was to occur in the next thirty minutes. To the local residents surprise they saw a bright light in the sky that was moving to the east. At first believing that the bright light was a satellite they ignored it and continued on their way of watching the sky when they noticed five minutes later that the bright light was still there and moving slowly in circles, zigzags, quick lines from side to side and small hooks over the neighbor’s house. Confused about what they were seeing the local resident went inside to tell the others that were inside of the house who then joined the local resident in the backyard to continue watching the bright light that was still there moving slowly in circles, zigzags, quick lines from side to side and small hooks, which was now twelve thirty five in the morning. They continued to watch as a dim star moved toward it then disappeared as it came next to it and left a reddish trail that was a microfiber long. With many of the new and past UFO ( unidentified flying object ) reports, sightings and strange phenomena it leads many to wonder what is out there and ask the age old question are we alone.