Recent UFO Sightings

UFOs, are they real and are people really seeing them? This is the million dollar question. In my opinion, ABSOLUTLY! Well let’s face it, what does UFO really mean? UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, which tells me that if you see an object flying in the air and you can not determine what it is, then it is unidentified. UFOs sightings have been documented since virtually the beginning of time, with cave drawings and even subtle references to them in the Bible. Sightings are still pouring in everyday in the U.S. and all over the world. This brings me to my very own UFO sightings, the first one, being when I was in the seventh grade. Of course, at this time I was totally oblivious to UFOs and nor did I really care about them. This sighting occurred during a friend’s birthday party back in 1990. I was not alone in this sighting and this was the first incident that peaked my interest in the thought of something else being out there that was not of this earth or solar system for that matter.

The next few incidents I have witnessed have occurred within the past year. First I will begin with March 2008. My husband and I were standing out on the back deck enjoying the evening, when at about 9:00 pm an extremely bright light came across the sky fairly slowly only about 200 feet up. This light traveled towards our house. The light on this object was so bright that you could not make out a shape of the object only the extraordinary single bright light could be seen. As it traveled over our house and back behind the trees on the back side of our house, we noticed that it made no sound at all. My husband and I were in total amazement because surely any object of this size that was so low to the ground would have made some sort of engine noise or something. One thing you have to understand is that my husband is very close minded on these types of things and is usually very skeptical when it come to UFOs, ghosts or anything else that may be supernatural ot unexplained. By this time the object had disappeared behind the trees and the mountain behind our home. My husband expressed that he thought it was very strange then retreated back inside the house. I decided I would stay out a little longer and just see if I could somehow get another glance at this object. Then about ten minutes later the object reappeared in the sky to my left but at a pretty good distance from me. All of sudden I realize that now there were TWO of them traveling directly towards each other. By this time, I yelled for my husband and told him to come back out that it was back but now there’s two. He come running back out with the binoculars just in time for the two objects to literally collide and just vanish into thin air. This was absolutely amazing and terrifying at the same time. I was pretty sure that there was nothing manmade that could do something like this. Suddenly, one of the objects appeared almost on top of our house probably around the 200 foot height again and my husband was able to look at it through the binoculars. This object appeared to be a silhouette in the shape of a triangle with one very bright light on the front point. We proceeded to watch this object silently fly over again until the bright light kept dimming until it just went out altogether and vanished. We waited a few minutes and the object did not return.

The most recent sightings I’ve had have occurred within the last couple of months. These sightings are of floating lights in the sky that resemble small stars that switch direction, disappear and reappear elsewhere in the sky and seem to follow the high altitude jetliners that fly overhead. Whenever I notice these objects I always have my daughter or husband come out and view it with me so that I have witnesses to what I am seeing.

I am very inquisitive to the sky now and find myself always looking up when I go out. I believe if more people give the sky a little more attention and look up on occasion there will be a lot more sightings to report. Are they actually people from another planet or is it really the government testing top secret aircraft? I don’t really know, but I do know that thousands of people are seeing “something” and it’s truly fascinating to think that maybe there really is other life out there that is possibly much more technologically advanced than we are.