Arizona UFO Sightings Myths and Facts

The sky over Arizona, is it as empty as you think it is? During the past century alone, countless UFO sightings have been reported by residents of Arizona. They have not just been reported at night, but as well as broad daylight and other times around the clock. UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, have been a big part of Arizona’s culture. Take Roswell, Arizona for example, the mysterious crash that occurred on July 7, 1947. The crash was reported to the press and announced on the same day as being an extra terrestrial space craft. This information was obtained by the Roswell Air Force, but the next day, the Roswell Air Force denied the original story that the crash was caused by a space ship and substituted the first story with another one about a weather balloon.

The Roswell Crash is a very controversial topic about UFOs and has deeply influenced the city as well, but no one really knows if it was a UFO or weather balloon that crashed that faithful night. Another example of UFO sightings in Arizona are the “Phoenix Lights”, sometimes called as “the lights over Phoenix”. This is another UFO case reported by many residents of Phoenix at around the same time of the night. The Phoenix Lights occurred on March 13, 1997 and was a relatively recent event. The phoenix lights were split into 2 distinct events such as the triangle lights and the stationary lights. The triangular lights were reported to be flying from the north west direction heading south east. Many reports were made from the Prescott and Prescott Valley sections of Phoenix. And the stationary lights were seen by many and even announced on the news as well. The V shaped lights were left a mystery and the stationary lights have been said to be caused by flares of the near by air force.

The unique thing about the Phoenix lights that the Roswell incident didn’t have was proof. Pictures, videos, and eye witnesses have claimed them to be UFOs. And this builds a hard case for UFOs. Both the Roswell crash and the phoenix lights have myths and facts surrounding these incredible events. For example, the myths of both of these events are involved on the base of either aliens or government conspiracies.

For both cases, each has facts and myths that surround the events. A fact for the Roswell incident was, without a doubt, something crashed on the night of July 7, 1947.
Also, for the phoenix lights, the light frequencies were analyzed by professionals and concluded nothing of this world radiated that type of light frequency. And another fact about the Phoenix Lights are the countless eye witnesses, videos, pictures, and news reports. Some myths about both events involve governmental conspiracy, UFO’s, cover ups, and so on. But whatever happened over the Arizona night skies on those days, is still continuing. Man will never be able to decipher our universe’s vast mysteries, but for now, we shall add The UFO sightings in Arizona to the long list of curious things to solve. At the end, it’s ones own opinion to conclude what happens over Arizona. Who knows, they may be watching us at this very moment.