How to Survive a Solar Flre

Solar flares are uncommon but they certainly do a lot damage when they do show up. One of the worst blackouts in history was caused by a solar flare. Actually, it was caused by the waves of radiation that came just after the flare from the sun and that is what you have to understand in order to know how to survive a solar flare.

Huge storms on the sun cause massive explosions that send trillions of tons of radiation and planetary sediment into space. When they come into contact with Earth’s ozone layer, it causes those beautiful Northern lights. Most of the time, it is deflected harmlessly but once in a while, one of these flares is immense and when it hits, the planet’s natural shield cannot withstand the force. The power is transfered into electricity and these charges wrap around our industrial devices and send giant surges into the power grids. Overloaded, they shut down and throw millions into darkness. Knowing how to survive a solar flare means knowing how to survive without power until those in charge can restart things. In some places, this could take months, due to the number of blown parts and the sheer size of them.

How to survive a solar flare

Have food, candles, and water stocked up. Nothing runs without power. Store water in clean milk and tea jugs and have boxes of non-perishables in stock. Don’t forget the can opener. The electric one will not work.

Pick one room to live in and seal it off with blankets and curtains. This will hold in coldness or heat, and also cover shadows your candles will make. Power outages always see soaring crime rates.

Have a home defense plan. Dogs are good and bad. They can help protect but it is hard to keep them quiet if you need them to be. Learn to shoot and teach those you would be sharing the home with. While hunkered down, stand watch in shifts and work out codes for communication.

Communication. You will want to know what is going on in your own neighborhood as much as with the power repairs. Have a weather band radio and a stock of batteries. If something bad is happening, like a huge fire and the fire department cannot put it out because their pumps run on electric, you will certainly want to know that it is headed toward your neighborhood.

Do not go out after dark and try not to let anyone know where you are or how many you are. The police will not respond during outages, even if your cell phone still works.

Cell phones. Find a charger that runs on batteries. When the power comes back up, this is the first service that will be available. Try the phone a few times a day. Being the first to realize it is on may mean your call will get through. Once everyone realizes, the system will be overloaded and shut down intentionally to everyone except emergency personnel.