The best Evidence that Ufos Exist

The existence of UFOs is no longer just a theory but has been accepted as fact, due to the overwhelming evidence we see in the lives of reasonable, intelligent people. The greatest evidence I can offer that UFOs exist is my personal experience as one of the few to have been abducted by aliens. Surprisingly, this was not the terrifying experience I would have expected, as depicted in science fiction novels and movies. The incident happened one Saturday night, only minutes after I had gone to bed following an evening out.

I was lying on my bed with the curtains open when I spotted a light in the sky coming toward me, growing brighter and larger as it approached. Within a few minutes, the cigar-shaped craft was almost overhead and moving silently toward the ground, eventually landing in a grassy area just 50 yards from my house. By this time, I was standing at my window, mesmerized by this strange, silent craft now resting in my neighborhood and I could feel a mixture of fear and excitement. As I watched the pale blue lights fade slightly, I stood open-mouthed as suddenly, a door slid open and two beings emerged from the craft and floated effortlessly to the ground, as if unaffected by gravity.

My first instinct was to run to the telephone and call the emergency services but I felt strangely hypnotized by what I was seeing as the two peculiar beings walked toward my home. Before I knew what had happened, they were standing in my bedroom, and within seconds, I was completely immobilized and being carried through an open upstairs window, defying gravity as we descended into the front garden. The two beings carried me to their spacecraft and the door slid open on demand to allow us to enter a brightly lit area that contained what looked like a massive computer. I was laid on a table and the beings, assisted by others of their own kind, examined me from head-to-toe using instruments I had never seen before.

The creatures occupying the beautiful spacecraft were not threatening in any way, but highly efficient and organized in proceeding with their investigation of their human guinea pig. I felt unusually calm as I watched them, unable to move and resigned to the fact that I might never see my family and friends again. The examination lasted for about thirty minutes and I was thinking I would soon be in outer space, captive to these strange extra-terrestrial beings. To my surprise, the two beings lifted me from the table and carried me back to the same spot from which they had taken me, my own bedroom. As I lay on my bed, feeling extremely groggy and sweating profusely, I made a promise to myself that I have kept to this day. No more Jack Daniels!