Properties of Star Evolution

For so long I have noticed certain stars with odd qualities. So much so I’ve wondered, quiet frankly, if they were of angelic nature. These beings I’ve seen seem to be reaching out to me on some level. Yes, even me, someone whose quiet a mess as of late. Upon proper research of Jeffery Mishlove’s Roots of Consciousness, I have read from an astrologer chronicled there from back in the day that he discovered some stars are indeed deities. Alive like us they are spirits? Floating around over the earth like celestial creatures released from the fleshly form? Unable to come down to our reality due to the entrapments of the illusion that we are

so entrapped? Who are these beings? I have even asked them to move and watched them do so

with a simple thought sent to them. What are they? Who are they? What do they want? I’ve pondered this for years and why are they desiring to speak to me? Are they the invisible helpers from all religions? I think so. I think they are communicating to us all and sending

us love and energies beyond our understanding in our darkest hours. If they will talk to me, they will talk to anyone I assure you. Or maybe not; maybe only a few of us perceive them.

I do not know but I do tell you this: there are beings in our skies reaching down to us. Calling us to awaken during a chaotic time to reach harmonic frequencies to transform our

Earth to light. Will you accept the call? Or ignore them like I’ve done many times, being so caught up in earthly illusion and manic behaviors. Perhaps for those who do see them, our

paths are harder to thread with the pains of the Earth upon us. Perhaps that is why we do

see them. Do you see them? Could some of these stars simply be the shining ones spoke of in every ancient religion on the Earth? Surely I know every star is not a being but look hard enough for many nights and you will witness miracles for those of us who truely star gaze. Shamans seeing behind the veil perhaps is a possibility. What makes stars fall? Could some

be angelic ones moving in and out of the Earth’s many etheric veils? Some stars sit forever

in the power points of constellations. Why do they not fall but instead stay in this particular location forever whilst others do not and simply burn out to send their energy else where?

If a star fell from a constellation what would happen to our astronomical history books? We should questions everything the stars included.