What Constitutes UFO Evidence

What constitutes UFO evidence?

A lot of people watch the skies with high hopes of finding something. Some are wishful gazers, while others are gazers wishing (to be the one), the one to be recognized for discovering that unidentified object in the sky. Chances very great that no one will ever be recognized for discovering a UFO, because they really do not exist.

This is a closed world under the watchful eye of The Lord Almighty. He made the universe, and the earth is the only populated planet where he put the people that were made in His image. As the inhabitants of the earth we are not to look elsewhere for intervention or for outside interference, UFO’s would fit in that criteria. Looking up at the stars, naming them and charting their address is not forbidden as long as they are not worshiped. Although the bible does not mention the looking at moon and stars as a violation of GOD’s law, it does forbid using them for or as worship tools (Gen: 11/1-9). Hence the tower Babel where GOD scattered the people and confused their language. The possibilities of UFO sightings have all been explained with a bit of trepidation to some and plausible reasonings to others, but as for their existence, ah no, no such animal exists.

Even though I will get plenty of slack for my position on this subject, I will stick to my belief. I personally know of two people who have witnessed unidentified objects in the stratosphere of ours, but as I pointed out to them what I have written here, they too called me a various number of names and ridiculed me for having such a faith, and in their search for acceptance of what they witnessed, they expected me, who was not there with them, to explain their vision. Obviously I had no clue but could only offer the normal government type explanations of weather balloons, experimental aircraft, border patrol spy planes, although we do not live near a border. Heated arguments ensued but I still kept to my story and we remained friends. If they chose to believe something that isn’t, that is their choice
but be that as it may, I believe what I have read (in the bible) and until that UFO lands on the earth and I see it with my own eyes, I will continue to keep my eyes on GOD and not in the skies where shiny objects litter the heavenly body of blue.