Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings

The worlds military cover up these sightings because they beilve the general public cannot handle it. Even in today’s world with all the Sci-fi shows they still belive that people are unable to grasp the reality of an intelligence other then our own. The presence of alien life are are over the planet. The pyramids in Egypt and Mexico were built by the same type of people but how when at that time traveling the ocean was unheard of. The last 90 years we have seen a technological explosion. Humans have been on earth for thousands of years yet only in the last 90 years of human history have we seen things that could only be explained by alien help. We have aircraft that can do things that are truly amazing. The only way that the military couldn’t cover up a sighting is if it is seen by millions of people at the same time. Alien technology is all around us. If life in other worlds didn’t exist why would millions of dollars keep being spent covering it up. The military couldn’t cover up the sightings in NY in Sept of 1998. The news reported that a mysterious storm hit NY. The storm’s path was straight up the middle of Manhattan and across the Bronx. This mystery storm killed a young girl as she sat in a housing project sitting area. The cause of the storm was seen by hundreds and even recorded on tape. Police officers and other people who are required to give accurate accounts seen the cause. The cause was 4 white disks in the air that moved like nothing on earth. One came out the cloud and circled the other three then each took off in their own pattern. The storm was over within 3 min. of the disappearance of these strange UFOs. The cover up was said to be an optical illusion. Cover up are meant to protect humans or are they. The more you cover something up the more curious people become about them. The military can and should tell the truth about the events surrounding the sightings. There is more then enough physical evidence on Earth that can dispute any cover up. The world is a smaller place today thanks to technology yet we still cant agree on anything that would make this a better place to live. God created man in his own image….man recreated God in the image he saw fit.