Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings

The question could be Why wouldn’t the US Military cover UFO sightings?’ The US military has every reason to cover UFO sightings.

First of all, no one knows what has been sighted until they are investigated. To ignore reports of anything flying in the skies that cannot be identified on sight would be foolish. The government, which controls the military, would be remiss if they didn’t investigate the reports of its citizens. It is the government’s job, the role of the military, to protect the citizens of the United States. They cannot protect us if they are unaware of the dangers.

There are thousands of UFO sightings across the country with many more thousands of people having witnessed one or more sightings. Sightings have occurred in every state in the Union and over a span of many years. Varied are the witnesses in their backgrounds and experiences. The circumstances surrounding the sightings are not always the same. Some occur in broad daylight, others in the dead of night. Many are out in the middle of nowhere’ while others are inside city limits.

It is a well documented fact that persons of high intelligence and moral integrity have witnessed a UFO flying over the landscape. Groups of citizens have reported seeing a UFO, or more than one, at the same time that individuals have also given their account of the same incident. No two sightings on two different dates are exactly the same.

Because of the facts given above, UFO sightings cannot be labeled as mass hysteria. It must be recognized that something the witness cannot identify has indeed flown within their sight.

Now it has also been discussed as a possibility that the US Military is the government controlled body responsible for the unidentified flying objects seen in all of these sightings. They have been accused of testing weaponry. The military has been accused of the plotting and carrying out of secret missions by way of these UFO’s. The military will no longer discuss whether they have anything to do with UFO’s or not. This only adds to the speculation by the media and the public, that Yes, indeed, the military is up to something.’

Suppose for one moment that hundreds of individual citizens bombarded the phone banks of the local police and media outlets with reports of one or more UFO’s flying across the sky. Many of the callers say, with much feeling and emotion, that the UFO’s were moving quickly toward the state capital. They cannot contain their fear that an alien invasion is taking place. With today’s technology, some send instant photos to large media outlets such as Fox News Network, CNN or to the AP.

These pictures would stream around the country immediately. If clear enough, it could cause mass panic. Of course, some people would scoff, laugh and make jokes. There may be a few that would think perhaps a movie was being made and the pictures were a way of getting free publicity. Others would consider it all a hoax. Suppose all of this happened during the regular newscasts of the evening and the media gave it full credibility.

Now also suppose that the government completely ignored the report. When the reporters rushed out to whatever military base might be within range of investigation, imagine that they are told the military has no interest in the reports. Imagine the reporters are told that the US Military never investigates such reports of UFO’s. What would happen then?

It would be immediately assumed that the military was in fact responsible for whatever was seen in the sky. The reporters would demand to know what was being tested. Why had not the public been informed would also be asked. Or if nothing is being tested, then is there an attack by a foreign government and this is the response by the US Military? Just imagine the frantic search for answers by the military. After all, they must maintain a certain amount of credibility among the public.

Since the US Military is a part of the government, and all government representatives must be elected by the public, the military must maintain credibility in order to be funded. Generals, Admirals, and the DOD in its entirety want more funds sent their way. So for this reason they must investigate reports of UFO’s.

It is also necessary for them to investigate the sightings of UFO’S for other reasons. One being that the military is made up of ordinary people just as the public is. They don’t know what has been seen flying across the sky. They have an interest in finding out what the UFO is.

Of course some UFO’s are weather related. Others are regular aircraft that are seen in unusual circumstances. But most have not been proven to be either of these. To do their job of protecting the public, its citizens, the US Military must know as much as they can about what flies over the skies of this country. And if they are responsible and don’t want the public to have knowledge of secret weapons in order to keep them secret from other governments, then they must investigate the sightings to insure the UFO is indeed theirs.

Either way, whether the military of this country, the military of another country, or some entity not yet identified is responsible, the US Military has to maintain as much knowledge as possible about UFO’s. They must investigate to have that knowledge.