The best UFO Hunters

Stanton T. Friedman is one of the best UFO hunters. This very good-natured and humored UFO researcher of many, many years has gone out of his way to find the truth out about UFO’s. He brings deep credibility to the subject, not just by his education and years of research in nuclear physics-but in applying his hard science background to UFO research, which encompasses so much hard science on its own. He has merged ‘hard’ science with UFOlogy in a no-nonsense, no-holds barred investigation into UFOlogy, enthralling audiences and leaving skeptics of the phenomena muttering to themselves. Stanton T. Friedman, whom I’m honored to have live in my country of Canada is a renaissance man; a man of the ages. I’m honored to call him a fellow ‘Canadian’, although he is an American.

He has written a dizzying array of books on UFO’s and its coverup, many of which are like the holy grail or Bible of modern UFOlogy. His works literally take your breathe away with their disclosures, evidence and witnesses to the UFO’s and coverup-especially the Roswell incident-which he has done extensive research on. He, above many others, has brought the entire Roswell UFO incident to the public eye. Stanton has opened the door for eventual disclosure of the events at Roswell by the alphabet-agencies, simply because his research has made them undeniable, and part of the popular culture.

Stanton did many thousands of hours of meticulous, unpaid research to connect the dots of the 1947 incident that has become one of the premier UFO crash investigations of the lore. He has also investigated many other UFO crashes. coverups and high-profile UFO sightings and events with the same stellar research and investigative skills as he did with the Roswell crash. He has brought audiences to their feet with his well-done presentations; he has a calm, easy-going, laid-back approach that helps get the message across.

This is a man who can truly be called ‘the father of modern UFOlogy’. Those of us in the research community owe him a debt of gratitude for his outstanding investigations and research that has helped galvanize the UFO community to finding answers, and the general public for educating them. Stanton T. Friedman: researcher, investigator, scientist, philosopher…and overall good egg.

In my country, my friend and mentor, Graham Conway, was a top UFO hunter. A man who investigated UFO’s for over sixty years till his sudden passing in 2007. He investigated UFO’s with a passion that never diminished, and knew many of the top researchers (as well as colloborating with some of them from time to time). He even helped found his own organization, which still flourishes today.