A look at the Worlds most Bizarre Plants

Some of the most unusual plants in the world are fascinating examples of nature’s wonders. The Venus Flytrap is one of these wonders. This plant is known to trap insects. This is a plant that snaps shut in less than a second to trap its prey. It only has two leaves and when an insect lands on the leaves it snaps shut. Another plant that is unique is called the  monkey-cup. That is because monkeys drink water from the large leaves of the plant that is similar to a cup. People have seen monkeys drinking from this  plant and this is how the plant got its name. This plant makes its own liquid that many mammals drink, but the purpose of the liquid is to drown its prey.

The Victoria Amazonica is another one of the world’s bizarre plants. This plant is similar to a water lily or lily pad, except that it is large enough to hold a baby. In the water this plant looks like a stepping stone. The flower of the plant grows about 10 feet in diameter, and the root is more than 26 feet long. The flowers change colors from white to pink.

The Stink Lily is deep purple in color and gives off a stinky smell. It smells like rotting flesh and it produces more than forty blooms at once. The Tickle Me is a plant that moves when it is touched. This plant is fun and it can be grown inside or outside. Many of these strange plants will certainly make you wonder about them.

There is also a plant called the bleeding tooth. This plant is a type of inedible mushroom that produces red droplets that look quite similar to blood. These bizarre plants are really impressive and very interesting to observe. There is another bizzare plant that is called Doll’s Eyes. The fruit of this plant looks very similar to the eyes of a China doll. It makes one wonder if the plant is staring at you. It is a very toxic plant that can cause death if consumed.

These bizarre plants can be found in many different regions of the world, like the Amazon rain forest. There is another plant called the Black Bat Flower. The flower of this plant is black with its petals hanging down, and they are very similar to the wings of the flying black bat.