UFO Sightings

I can never ignore my UFO sighting. It would be the same as rejecting all things which have been actual happenings, a denial, that even I exist.

Sane intelligent folk from all walks of life do not ask for condemnation, due to occurrences of any kind. Only those who have dared to speak out, and interrogated by putting their head on the chopping block, can speak. No-one in their right mind would go through all the suffering for no reason at all, due to a UFO encounter. Something very real, cannot alter factual account.

As a Christian, I was treated noxiously for even daring to tell. Yet, nothing subtracted from my faith. If anything, it only expanded this, even though I was an outcast. After all, are not all sacred texts supernatural in the real sense of the word. Out of this world?

That’s how it happened, and to even begin to explain where they came from, would be to say, another dimension. I was wide awake. Took no medication, drink, smoke, nor drugs, and was as sober as any astronaut must be! This did not make me better than anyone else, but I couldn’t find blame for deception there.

It was April, 1972, in the Zulu area of South Africa. I saw the time was exactly 2.am. With wonder at how beautiful the moon looked outside, I went to the window to enjoy it.

Then wondered why the grass about 70 meters further down the hill looked so yellow? Intermediately, my whole being began to pulsate with the same rhythmical light. In tune with each heart-beat, when seeing two soft glowing – almost pastel peach opaque Light Craft – on the very spot. It was as if I and the phenomenon of their vibrating luminosity were one.

Waking my husband, two human men were walking through the open bedroom door, even though outdoor doors were locked. Like an absolute thrilled sister to see a long lost brother I literally jumped into one’s arms, calling him by name! My surprised husband brought two chairs, starting to say as the two men seated themselves on the these while we both sat on the end of the bed, “My wife…” but he got no further, confounded.

“I know,” the one called brother answered. “we’ve been with your wife a long time.” He drew out the word, ‘long.’

Astonished, we listened as they spoke of why they came. Their reason was two-fold. Fist speaking to me. “You are like a flower who thirsts, and we knew it was time to give you the water you have been waiting for.” The second was that I must write a report.

Me write? I didn’t even like reading, but write!

Time had no measure, or maybe it stood still, but at some point before dawn, they left. I was sad to hear they must. I felt very alone, as if I should be going too. Watching the craft lift up from where they appeared suspended just above the ground, it left me empty, and yet exhilarated. This was a real meeting. A re-union!

Now I had a nick-name. A crazy little space wife.

It was our custom to sit and chat in the night outside before bed, in the balmy semi-tropics. About a month had passed, when startled, this time my husband pointed into the sky,.”Look at those Space Craft!” Before the first visitation he had been a real non believer in such rubbish.

They came from over the distant mountains, from west to east, then with an immediate turn, like birds of a flock, he was already counting.

“One, two thee, six… there’s seven of them!”

They came to where we sat, suspended above in the night. Lights of the same color as the previous visitation glowed, then dimmed, as a brilliant white ray emitted earthward. I immediately went over to it as if to greet them, when a female lowered in this shaft of light.

As if absolutely normal, I was happy to see her, calling her by name, as I also knew her! By now we both stood in the light beam, speaking another language we both understood.

My husband made a dash to come into the beam to join us. Instead, he bumped into what was an invisible magnetic barrier, in which there was no way he could get through the light; but he could hear us both talking. [He asked later how on earth did I know this language?] What could I say?

When finished, she who had dark hair, and a bob-like hair-style, was lifted back up in the ray of light. Then tuned back to ask me one more thing, before entering the ship..

Once she was inside, the beam was no more; and the craft lit up to their full peachy opaque glowing light, and as swift and as silent as the wind on which they came, they turned – like geese in a V – and just vanished into the night.

I was still feeling the loss all over again, and we talked a little more together.

The next day 3 different people – living separate distances from each other – all reported at the local post office, seeing ‘crafts of light’ over our farm home site. One was a Catholic Priest at Jericho Mission. Old Father Gabriel died a few months after, and by September of that same year, my young husband also died with a sudden heart attack. But I live on, and nothing can ever change these facts.

I was just one of absolute thousands paying the price for speaking out. Why on earth would anyone who had really experienced a personal visitation, go this far, and never be able to change the accuracy?

I cannot speak for who, what or why others have experienced what they have, but my visitors were as human as you and I. Yet their craft were out of this world.

If truth be told, not every sighting is an unmarked helicopter or weather balloon. Nor can real live human beings arrive on earth in Light Craft not yet in service by even the best of out inventors.

But we don’t have to be delusional, can be in our right mind, and even a Christian, a scientist, a lawyer, a doctor, a baker or mechanic. A normal down to earth person who has lived to speak of something absolutely not of this world.

Many can judge, but many can also evaluate by their own ignorance. We can only carry on standing in our own truth, accepted or not.