UFO Sightings

UFO (unidentified flying objects) sightings have been going on for years.  Since most people think that these objects are aliens invading Earth, people are naturally upset and fearful about them. 

Further, to make them even more frightening, the Government covers up and denies those sightings with bogus claims.  The claims that authorities made are so absurd that it seems as if they were completely unaware of these craft and that they are incapable of listening to people’s descriptions of them.  Is it really credible that the military doesn’t know when a UFO is in their air space?

I’ve had 3 separate sightings of UFO’s over the last 30 years. One must remember that these are UNIDENTIFIED flying objects. A common conclusion is that they are all alien craft. I am not convinced that they are, or even all man-made ones either.

One of the UFO’s that I’ve seen on two occasions is suspect in my estimation due to my expectations of Aliens’ superior knowledge. I watched one for over 4 hours on the first occasion. 

It was a cold Saturday night in November of that year. When I first saw it, I thought someone up on that hill had put in a new streetlight. I couldn’t sleep a wink. It was well past 2 am when it started to move very slowly across the sky. I grabbed my binoculars and ran to the kitchen window on the other side of the house so that I could watch it pass.

It looked like an upside down saucer with a pale yellowish light inset on each side. There was a little blue light on the bottom and a little red one on top. I started calling for my mom even though I knew she wouldn’t hear me. I started softly and gradually increased my voice. It wasn’t until I yelled that I saw the flying saucer that it really took off like a flash of lightning.

The appearance of the craft and the fact that they seemed to respond to my voice or words introduces an element of doubt for me.

The next two were more interesting but I didn’t get as good a look at them. I saw a tiny pen-like light zigzag into view. It sort of vibrated in place a moment and then shot off. Following more slowly after it was a reddish orange light. It seemed to have no clue where the other one had gone. I went to the different windows in the house to watch it. It paused over the football game at the Arrowhead stadium, then joined two others and zoomed upward and disappeared very quickly.

A few years ago, we were visiting and staying over at some relative’s house in rural Nebraska.  I couldn’t sleep.  I started looking out the window at the starts half expecting to see something.  I went out to the outhouse.  Halfway there, I saw a light moving slowly through the sky.  It looked just like the first one. 

I went inside and woke everyone and took them out to see it.  It stopped moving and just stayed there.  My brother in law swore that it was some star.  Only Venus shines that bright but it wasn’t Venus.  After we all went back inside, I remembered I had to take a leak.  When I went back out, the light was nowhere in sight.

One has to wonder.