57 Alien Species more Black Swans in the Universe

Let’s see, we have 57 alien species supposedly documented by Sergeant Clifford Stone, who previously worked on top-secret government projects. That makes you question whether we’re alone in the universe, doesn’t it? Yet, hasn’t anyone read “The Black Swan” by Nasim Taleb? This looks like another classic case of the impact of the highly improbable.

As the story goes, Old World scientists once assumed that all swans were white. It was so much a given that it was folly to question it; kind of like questioning whether the world was truly flat. Then someone discovered the world was a globe; and in the process discovered Australia. Of course, the continent didn’t pop up overnight. The mere fact that someone stumbled over it did not change the simple reality: Australia had been there all along.

Then someone discovered a black swan on the continent. Well, all hell broke loose in the old scientific community back in the Old World. This revelation eventually led to the 20th Century discovery of Black Swan dynamics. According to Taleb, “Black Swan logic makes what you don’t know far more relevant that what you do know.” (see prologue, page xix)

In my own mind, I may deny organized religion as the end all of knowledge, but I fundamentally accept the biblical account that in the beginning, some Creator made the universe. If I can accept that reality, as far out as that may be for some people, accepting 57 alien species is not a giant stretch; Black Swan logic or no.

Let’s reason together. Humanity has always had blind spots in its history. We scientifically collect and assign all known data under a bell curve. Then we assume that all events beyond that curve are outliers and highly improbable. Well, improbable never means impossible.

That would make a creator highly improbable too, since no man has ever seen the Eternal. All that we know about him is what has come down from those who came from places beyond this earth, and, furthermore, beyond this dimension.

I do not intend to make this a religious debate, but all events related to the cosmos are relevant. It is a cosmology debate, nonetheless. Fact is there are other planets; and we know this beyond all shadow of doubt. The Hubble telescope and other frequency collectors have put our tax dollars to good use. Knowledge has indeed been increased, just like the good book stated.

Now according to Sergeant Clifford Stone, the government has classified over 57 alien species. Of course, the government denies any of this. So, we have a claim by him that cannot be verified.

Are we alone? I do not believe we are. Is the whole story just a figment of Sergeant Stone’s imagination? I cannot know for sure, despite Sergeant Stone’s revelation as part of the Disclosure Project.

Here is what I do know for sure: The universe is a place of extremes. All known data implies that life as we know it cannot exist in some of those extreme places; meaning, our being here on earth appears rare, simply because of extreme temperatures and extreme distances. The fact that humans live here is already a “Black Swan” event, in my book. So are there 57 alien species? Well, there’s probably more, but the counting isn’t over yet.