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57 Alien Species: Are We Alone in This Universe

Sergeant Clifford Stone has released controversial information that Earthlings are not alone in this universe. According to his information, there are 57 alien species that have been documented by the government. Stone was one of my men over the years who has worked on military studies for the government that were top secret (to civilians top secret sounds more like a big secret).

If there are aliens out there why doesn’t the government want us to know? Is the government working with the aliens? Are they afraid the knowledge would result in mass panic? Are the 57 alien species that have been documented simply a hoax? It is hard to know the answers to these questions. Only the aliens themselves or the sane people who have laid eyes on them know without a doubt that they exist.

There are diehard believers who have no doubt that aliens exist. Some individuals claim to have seen aliens or unidentified flying objects. There are people who have told stories of alien abductions. They claim to have seen the inside of UFO’s and to have seen other life forms up close. Abductions stories often seem farfetched as individuals describe bizarre experiments that were performed on them by creatures from another world.

Sergeant Stone has stated in interviews that there are alien abductions. He believes that there are aliens among us. He goes so far as to suggest that the government knows that other life forms are here on Earth and are even allowing the aliens to make use of an old army base. Is Mr. Stone a little delusional? Is it more likely that it is non believers who are a little delusional? It is rather arrogant to assume we are the only intelligent life forms in the entire universe. There can certainly be other forms of life that are just as intelligent (if not more so) than us. Just because we have not found a way to reach and land on another planet within a single lifetime does not mean that habitants of other planets have not.

The conditions and weather on other planets is such that we could not live there. This does not mean that there are not life forms that are able to handle climates that appear harsh to us. Humans are adapted to live on Earth. Our climates and terrains are probably foreign to aliens. Perhaps they have just found a way to live on our planet even though we are unable to do the same. Maybe some aliens are able to travel throughout the universe, adapting to any conditions that come their way.

As Earthlings we have this habit of assuming there could not possibly be any other life forms in the entire universe. We are arrogant enough to believe that there could not be any other forums of life that could be as developed and sophisticated as us. This assumption will probably be proven inaccurate without any lingering doubt in the years to come. There are probably 57 alien species as recorded. Who knows, perhaps there are 57 more that have not yet been discovered?

Aliens are probably not little green men with crazy clothes and odd eyes. They are not one-eyed monsters and man-like creatures with cone heads. Could perhaps your neighbor be an alien? Only they can know for sure. Yes we jest a little here but the point is that it is not impossible that there are aliens.