Past Life Living

You will never move forward if you are continually driving in reverse. Many human beings find their selves living in the past. Dredging up things that happened at a prior point in their lives. People live trying to rectify them selves from mistakes or decisions they have made in the past. If you are constantly looking back on your life you will never move forward. Your past helps to mold you into the person you are today, but only you have the final decision in how you want to live your life.

People make mistakes and regret decisions they have made in their pasts, but if you do not accept those decisions and mistakes you will never learn from them. If you make a mistake or make the wrong decision the best thing to do is look back on it for a second, realize it may not have been right, learn from it and move on. Use this learning experience only to better your self in the future. Learn from your own mistakes to become a better person.

There are also the type of people who live in the past because they do not look forward to their future. A perfect example of this type of person is someone who is having a mid- life crisis. These types of people live in the past because the past may have been a great era of their life. Someone who is afraid of growing old or even dying. The statement “Your only as old as you feel” is very true but many of us need to be realistic. We are all going to age and we are all going to pass on at some point in our lives. This is a situation that we all have to accept. Driving a fancy sports car, dying your hair or changing your appearance will not make you younger. It might make you regret it five years from now.

Your future is now. We live our lives one day at a time. There are no such things as time machines that can take us back in time to change our past. That is why it is called the past, we have passed that point in our lives and there is no turning back. Make the best of your life and live it day by day, for your future will one day become your past. The person you were in your past may not be who you are today, only you can decide who you are and what kind of person you want to be. If you are judged based on your past, the person judging you should also be judged based on theirs. No one is perfect.

Living in your past can be unhealthy. It can hurt others around you and yourself. There comes a time in our lives we all just need to move on. We go to sleep every night only to wake up to a clean slate and a chance to start over. Everyday is a new and glorious beginning to another chapter in our lives.