How does Psychological Projection Affect Relationships

Psychological projection affects relationships by placing unwanted strain and stress on the unit. In most cases, it can put distance between two people. Over time, if this continues the chances of resentment and anger are higher.

What is psychological projection?

Psychological projection is a kind defense mechanism used to place hurtful emotions and views on another person. For example, when a person is angry with themselves, they do not deal with the anger directly, instead they spew it on to the person closest to them. This is there way of dealing with the feelings. In some ways spewing the inner anger onto others relieves a person for a moment. However, since the anger is not being dealt with head on, it will just be a matter of time before it surfaces again.

When it comes to relationships and psychological projection, couples often suffer for the sins of others. It is not fair, but it takes place often. A person could be hurting from something that happened a long time ago and bring it into the relationship. What tends to take place often is that a “word:” triggers something from a person’s past. Once the “trigger” is pulled, the person may enter a state in which the wounds from the past experience come to the surface. They will react to a present situation in a distorted way. The person on the other end pays the price..Over time this could cause some serious damage to the relationship. The constant load of this could were a person down.

Psychological projection affects relationships in a few ways.

Puts distance between people

This is not an attractive quality. Even though it is used by all people to help evade emotional discomfort, it often pushes the people we love the most away. Continuous outbursts of this can lead to separation. This comes from the fact that no one wants to have stress put upon them.


When a person has not dealt with their past, this can cause them to feel lonely at times. It is the equivalent of deep dark hole. Even though they are in a relationship, they will not feel a part of the union because their emotional trauma is present. When a person has not healed it manifests itself in different ways.

Causes stress

The stress of this defense mechanism can be insurmountable at times. If it is not dealt with, it can cause stress for the person suffering from it and the person they are with.

It is important that a person receive some sort of counseling. The sooner this takes place the better it will be for the person and the people around them.