What is Psychological Projection

Psychological projection is a type of defense mechanism in which a person’s personal characteristics, interolerable or improper beliefs, and/or feelings are put onto another indivividual or people.

This is a known method that every individual utilizes to some point. To comprehend the procedure, take into a consideration a person in a unit who has thoughts of unfaithfulness. Rather than dealing with these uncomfortable thoughts on a conscious level, he or she subconsciously ascribes these emotions onto the other person, and starts to think that the other has feelings of infidelity and may be engaging in an affair. In this state, projection is connected to refutation, arguably the only defense mechanism that is more basic that projection. Like all defense mechanisms, projection offers a purpose in which an individual can secure their conscious mind from a feeling that would be revolting.

Splitting, compartmentalization and projection are behaviors that the ego maintains to act that it is totally in control at all times, when in the midst of a truly human experience is one of changing beingness, visceral or regional reactiveness and emotional reasons, for which the person is not completely involved. Also,something that is known in deep trauma, people will be unable to reach honest memories, objectives, and experiences, even concerning their own makeup, wherein projection is only one instrument.

Anytime a person is dealing with an extremely difficult situation or experience, projection may come into the forefront. It comes down to the notion that it easier for a person to place the blame on another person for their problems, rather than face them head on. Placing blame on others has been taking place in the human race for many years.

Psychological projections brings about a temporarily relief because an individual allows another person to handle the heavy mental load. By doing this, it allows the other person to feel at ease. In their mind, someone else is sharing the burden and can better understand what they are going through. In the end, having someone go through the fire with us makes a difference.

Even though psychological projection is not healthy, it is often utilized because of its convenience. The simplest way for some of us to deal with negative experiences in life, is to transfer them on to the next person. There is a sense of solace known another person is carrying some of the emotional weight.

This defense mechanism will continue to be used until the end of time. As long as there is emotional strife, psychological projection will be a viable tool.