57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

Throughout the ages people have looked to the stars and wondered if we are alone in the universe. It is as if we have a deep inner longing to know that we are not alone. While many have scoffed at the possibility of extraterrestrial beings it seems only logical that there are other intelligent life forms in the vastness of the cosmos.

More and more people have come to accept the believe in otherworldly beings. People are beginning to awaken to government secrets that have been hidden from the public eye. In recent years, government and military personnel have begun to speak up and admit to the existence of extraterrestrial visitations and relate their own personal experiences. Sergeant Clifford Stone is one such individual. Sergeant Stone asserts that 57 alien species have been catalogued. If this is true then we must ask why the government still holds to the notion that we are alone in the universe.

Do you believe Sergeant Stone? Why would he lie? If aliens do exist the government may have several different reasons why they would continue their campaign of disinformation. Most likely they are trying to protect the people and prevent wide spread panic. It is possible that they have been threatened or coerced in some way. Of course, if you believe any of the many supposed government conspiracy theories you may believe that they have voluntarily entered into some sort of agreement with extraterrestrials in exchange for technology or whatever other reasons they may have.

Personally, I believe that intelligent extraterrestrial beings do exist and have been visiting the earth for a very long time. This is a belief I have held long before I ever heard of Sergeant Stone. The reason behind my belief is a simple matter of common sense. We exist. We have developed, grown and evolved. Why does it seem so unreasonable that other beings would have done so also? Life is very diverse. Our own planet is teeming with an abundance of diverse life forms. Just because humans seem to be the most intelligent life forms on Earth it certainly doesn’t mean that we are the only intelligent life in the universe. It seems only reasonable that there are civilizations out there that are much older and more advanced than our own.

There have been entirely too many UFO sightings and references to extraterrestrials in order for them to all be dismissed as hoaxes. Many reputable people such as doctors, lawyers and law enforcement officials have witnessed UFOs. Alien visitation and interaction with humans may go back much further than most people imagine. We find many references to angels in the Bible. These beings interacted with humans. Even though we believe angels to look different from humans in some way those who interacted with them in Biblical days did not seem surprised by their visits or their appearance yet the angels seemed to be easily recognized by the humans. Were the angels what we now refer to as aliens or extraterrestrials?

It seems that the question at hand is not whether aliens exist or whether they have visited earth but why are they here. Are they here to help us or to harm us? Are they friend or foe? Do they pose a threat to us or do they see us as a threat? If we examine our own species we will see that there are those who are benevolent and those who are dangerous. In fact, any being can be dangerous if its survival is threatened. Out of 57 species of aliens it the odds are good that some may be benevolent while others are not. Eventually the truth will be revealed but will we be ready to accept it and deal with it? To believe that we are the only intelligent life forms in the universe is to deny the truth. It seems that we are not alone and perhaps we never were.