57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

So someone claimed to have catalogued 57 humanoid alien races interacting with earth, ranging from the classic grey sectoids to ones almost indistinguishable from earthlings. This someone is Sergeant Clifford Stone, who has worked in one of those X-files-esque divisions of the US government that researches UFOs and ETs. Stone’s claim that there are 57 different kinds of aliens amongst us is something we’re all going to have to believe on blind faith, though. There’s no evidence. That’s the biggest problem with all conspiracy theories, there’s no proof, and if some nut-job is screaming at you for saying “there’s no proof” after he forces you to watch some zeitgeist documentary, just walk away-or tape his mouth shut. Because no matter how many youtube videos I see, I remain sceptical until it comes into my plain of existence.

There very well may be a bunch of aliens running around among us, but this idea and variations has been around forever. And the question still remains, “Are we alone?” I personally don’t really know what that question is getting at. I am intrigued by the thought of extra-terrestrial life, but so far only a few lichens and bacteria have been known to exist outside our planet. You can argue conspiracies, but really think about it. Firstly, why would this information be kept from “the public” and secondly, how would it be kept from the public? If there are other sentient beings more intelligent then us they would have either destroyed us all or contacted us for research purposes-not anal probing type research, I mean anthropological studies. Or-more likely- just ignored us.

There’s also a huge possibility that we were one tiny fluke in a vast and random universe. It seems to me that humans developed in a weird way. In prehistoric times a bunch of monkeys were being attacked by some tigers or some other predator and one fateful day a monkey held up a big branch-maybe by accident-and the tiger or whatever freaked out and ran away. So all the other monkeys who saw this happen started doing the same thing. Basically, these monkeys learned that by pretending to be big and scary they could scare away big, scary things. And so human beings spent the rest of their evolution doing things that basically boiled down to pretending to be something they’re not. That little glitch in the monkey’s brain that made it believe that seeming scary was just as good as being scary must be a rare thing.

And while we’re on the topic of “are we alone?”, let’s think about what that means. So we are talking about intelligent life, right? Who’s to say that we’re not the most unintelligent thing on this planet? Maybe all the creatures on earth had a moment similar to the monkey with the stick and said to themselves, “Boy that was lucky, I better just run next time, or else I’ll become so lazy that I’ll start destroying the whole planet just to figure out easier ways of doing things I shouldn’t be doing.” So perhaps there are more intelligent beings out there, but I’m sure they’re living in some happy symbiosis with there planet and don’t want to mess things up by meddling.

If there are really 57 beings here among us-which I doubt-I’d like to ask them why they’re piddling around our failing planet and society. And in their answer maybe give us some insight into what to do not self-destruct. You know, how not to keep shaking a stick at the next big scary thing that comes our way?