57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

Are we alone in the universe? Wondering

about the 57 species of aliens.

I have to start by say I believe in God. That he created the universe and all in it. There well may be 57 different species of aliens. I think there is life out there on other plants. It may not be what we think of when we think of aliens.

I do not believe in little green men. I believe we will find plants and animals that are unique to the environment that they came from. In addition, it will depend on what kind of star they have over their planet.

I do not know why God would create. The vastness of the entire universe filled with all its stars and planets spanning the cosmos. Too only, put life here on our little planet in our tiny solar system of the whole universe. We will never really know until we get to Heaven.

On the other hand, maybe in the coming years we will be able to go out. Finding the proof, we need to say yes for the last time. That there is in fact alien life out there on some of those other planets other then the earth. There may be 57 species of aliens. There could be more or there could be less.

I have heard many different theories on what life on other planets might look like. Who is to say they are any smarter then we are. That they are some advanced race that is hundreds or even thousands of years ahead of us.

If they are others out there who are so much more advanced then us. Why have they not made their selves known to us? They may have even thought to take us over putting us under their rule.

I think there is life on other planets not knowing it there is 57 different kinds or not. I believe we will find something out there all one of the many planets in the endless solar systems and galaxies out there.

No one can prove there is life on any other planets out there in the universe. However, they cannot prove that there is not life on any of the other planets out there in the universe. We know little about a big place.

It will be many lifetimes before we even start to spread out to see what is out there. We can barely get off our own planet. Not ever able to really visit any of our neighboring planets that share out solar system with us.

There are those who would say we are not ready to make contact with other intelligent life. Then there are those who say we are ready. I am of the opinion that we are ready. If in fact, there is other intelligent life out there.

I would like to know what kinds of life there is out there. What they look like and how they relate to us here on earth. What could be learning from them and them from us? Do we hold the same things dear? I would like to know one way or the other. We can only pray that we will one day know for sure.