57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

Are we alone in the Universe?

This question has been posited by nearly every intelligent being. Before we answer the question, let us ask why we need to ask the question.

Is it due to the insecurity of the human creature, after all we have millions of creatures already sharing our world.

Are we looking for intelligent life like us (I hope they are not like us, what sort of a Star Trek Universe would it be, all bipedal lifeforms with all the erogenous bits in the same spot).

Are we looking for intelligent life to explain the questions and meaning of life (your born, you breed and you die, apologies to the same sex community, you will have to find your own meaning of life).

Are we looking to find a life form we can be smarter than, just to prove that we are so fantastic a species, we are the smartest in the Universe.

Is it just the intrinsic nature of the human condition to seek, to look and to learn.

The universe is a big place, the chances of the same conditions that gave life to this little corner of the Milky Way, must exist elsewhere. Yes, there is a species out there somewhere positing the same question.
Is there life elsewhere in the universe.

The only problem I have, is that while there may be intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, it is not on this planet, yet. They are not popping in for Anal Probes and Cattle Mutilations.

I’m sure if they are smart enough to develop a means to travel through, or circumvent Einsteinian space, they have no need for Anal Probes and Cattle Mutilations (just how lonely must it get out there).

We humans are not alone, we may be in a class of our own when it comes to arrogance (look around at what we have done to this planet), but the Universe is a big place and I am sure that somewhere there is a planet where they are wondering if there is intelligent life elsewhere.

I really hope they don’t sound like Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy and drive the intergalactic version of a Pickup Truck.

Then again imagine if they did and all we so called intellectuals had got it all wrong and the Secret of Life was Anal Probes and Cattle Mutilations.

Enough joking, as I said before the Universe is a very large place, it contains more than enough planets and stars to replicate the conditions for life that were on this planet.

Darwinian’s law would state that the most fit for purpose would survive, and while on this planet, it has been an apelike form, what if the Dinosaurs hadn’t died out, what if the ameoba’s got smarter, what if life never left the ocean to develop and finally what if Humans/Apes really are the best form for superior intelligent life.
I hope not, I couldn’t live with the Trekkies saying “I told you so”.