57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

Are we alone? This is a question that many ask themselves from the time thay are young. It may be an unnerving feeling for some to even consider that there is something more intelligent outside of our own planet. Though my instinct tells me that there is not a planet other than Earth that can support intelligent life forms. Part of this comes from my belief in the Bible but another part comes from fear I guess. I, like many other people, would like to believe that we are as good as it gets, but this is not evidence by any means. I commend Sergeant Stone for researching this, but I personally believe his assertions are ill-founded. The “57 alien species” catalogued on youtube I believe are nothing more than a figment of his imagination. The fact that he has worked on “top-secret government projects” may work in his favor in trying to convince others of his position in the debate of whether or not we are alone or not, but still falls short of convincing me and many others I am sure. But lets just imagine for a minute that there are “alien” life forms in outter space. What would this mean for us as humans? If you notice in the majority of media aliens are planning to take over Earth. Is this just the imagination of H.G. Wells or is this something that very well could happen? No one can know for sure, but I surely hope not. But now it is time to return back to reality. In my opinion though, a man that has worked on secret government projects now has too much time on his hands. Though most of my opinions on the idea of foreign life forms come from the Bible, others whom do not share my beliefs may also know within themselves that the idea of intelligent life outside of Earth is ridiculous. We as a people have spent billions of dollars on research of Mars with hardly anything to show for it. Nothing on that planet has benefited us as a whole. And we still have not found a living life form much less an intelligent life form. So after years of research to find anything ouside of own to planet to make NASA seem legit we have dirt to show for it, literally. So there it is, I said it, we are waisting our time searching for alien life forms that do not and never will exist, but then again this is only my opinion hopefully shared by others, but if not I will stand alone in my belief that God made the human race the most intelligent race in the universe.