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The 57 Alien Species and Their Possible Existence on a Desensitized Earth

The question that has plagued all of us “earthlings” for so long, the question that all humans ask themselves at one time or another is…are we alone in the universe? Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but in my opinion; I’m confident we aren’t alone. It seems too arrogant to think that in such a vast universe, we are the only intelligent beings which reside within it, or the only life forms, intelligent or not.

There have been several startling claims made by Sergeant Clifford Stone. Stone claimed that 57 different alien species are in the government’s possession, that he worked on a top-secret government project, the Disclosure Project, and that the Disclosure Project held a conference in 2001 where numerous credible witnesses came forward for a “tell all” on UFOs, extraterrestrial technology, and alien life forms.

Supposedly, these alleged alien species can be seen on you tube, not exactly a vault of scientific treasures. As a scientist, I just couldn’t stomach visiting that site for this reason. U tube is fine for funny clips and many other news outlets, but for thiscan anyone sayAlien Autopsy? There could be anything shown on You Tube. There has just been too much hype, including crop circles and flying saucers (which really do look like upside down plates…or sometimes bowls). That doesn’t mean I don’t believe they’re real, just as much as I do believe they are real. What I’m trying to say is that I do believe in the possibility that Sergeant Stone’s 57 different species of aliens exist, but in today’s world, there is a problem that outweighs the possible truth of his menagerie, trickery, dishonesty, and the desire to make a profit from those who only seek the truth.

Even though I wouldn’t venture to the You Tube site, I did visit the Disclosure project site,, and was interested up until the point I noticed a link for “Merchandise”. Nevertheless, I’m not going to try to disprove or prove anything stated on this site. I don’t doubt that evidence has been found to prove that there is life elsewhere. Furthermore, I’m sure that if there is evidence, it’s not commercially available to the public, and I seriously doubt that any pictures of these creatures are displayed on T-shirts.

Even though I don’t believe in the typical tabloid hype of “flying saucers”, I do, however, believe there are many events that are labeled as unexplained phenomenon; for example, the well known Bermuda Triangle, and the less infamous town in Florida, Destin, an alleged hot spot for UFO sightings.

Let’s assume that the 57 alien species are indeed real. Would anyone care? Is there anything that the public is not desensitized to? I don’t think that the issue is “Are we alone?” anymore…but instead the question is, Do we, we meaning the collective public, have any brains left or did they all get sucked into the boob tube, MP3 players, or chat rooms?

These days, an age where information (from the valid to the absurd) abounds, people either believe everything they are told, or nothing. It doesn’t matter if the information comes from the New York Times or any of the many tabloids. I would say that the most absurd information comes from the tabloids; I say this because there are many more (mostly altered) pictures in those publications, and sadly, there seems to be a small percentage of the world that actually reads anymore. Nothing is taboo any longer. People are more interested in what Britney Spears had for breakfast than they are in meeting our possible celestial neighbors, or maybe it is that burning question that each new day brings: which celebrity has adopted the most third world children?

At this point in time, I don’t think that it even matters to most if the 57 alien species are real or not, and that is sad, not just for Sergeant Stone, but for us all. If they are real, we are too saturated with nonsense to sift through it all and understand fact from fiction. As a scientist, I believe aliens probably do exist, and as a fiction novelist…I have my own otherworldly individuals, my characters who visit me regularly, popping into my head without notice.

In the end, we circle back around, as we always have. Questions spawn more questions. Do they exist? Are they watching us? Will they visit us eventually? Maybe, or maybe not, but think about this…

Have you ever wondered what an intelligent being from another world would think of us the first time they saw us eat a chicken embryo, or slaughter pigs and cows for meat? Don’t get me wrong, I eat both steak and eggs. Can you imagine what they must think of us as they watch the devastation we cause as wars break out, as does our inherent nature of being hell bent on destroying ourselves? If I were them, I wouldn’t want to visit such a place, assuming that their respect for other life forms had evolved as did their technology; to them, I would view Earth as a hostile and dangerous place to visit, that and I would lock the spaceship doors as I passed by.

One thing is for sure, unless there are enough of our celestial neighbors to appear in person to every human on the planet, and smack us on the head with a rubber chicken, while levitating, and of course…juggling apples…

Even then, I doubt many of us would believe them.