57 Alien Species

“There’s a Star Man. Waiting in the sky. He’d like to come and meet us. But he thinks he’d blow our minds”. (From David Bowie’s iconic album “Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars”, on the song “Starman”, released 1972, RCA);

It would be a little presumptuous and short-sighted of mankind to believe that Earth is the only source of life in this ever expanding, and many say endless Universe that our home planet, and Solar System, are a part of. Each of the stars, or Suns, that we can see in the night skies surely must have planets, habitable planets or not, orbiting them. Since the Hubble Telescope and other means of seeing far into the Galaxies have proven that M-Class planets, which are planets with the starting blocks for sentient life present, like an atmosphere.

To think that we are the only thinking, feeling and theorizing species in the entire Universe would be overwhelmingly short-sighted and utterly wrong of us. Microbial extraterrestrial life has proven to exist, through meteorites that have crashed onto the Earth’s surface. And elsewhere in our own Universe, water, the building block of life, has proven to exist on Mars by the Mars Rover. Is that proof of extraterrestrial life? Does it answer David Bowie’s question; “Is There Life on Mars”?

The Murchison meteorite, which crashed down under in Australia in 1969, has proven to carry the starting blocks of sentient life; DNA and RNA. Uracil (an essential part of RNA) and Xanthine (a precursor of uric acid, and found in urine, blood, muscle tissue and some Earthly plants) have been found inside the Murchison meteorite, and are therefore not from this planet, thus extraterrestrial in nature (from outer space!). What more proof is needed that alien life forms do exist and reside here on terra firma? Yes, alien life forms do exist on Planet Earth, they just happen to be microscopic in nature. And, no, they are not 1/1,000th of an inch tall lizard people from Alpha Centauri.

American military Sergeant Clifford Stone’s press release, as shown on YouTube, is not exactly proving of the theory of Alien species roaming amongst us, watching and recording what we do. When watching the Disclosure Project video (located at “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpAPxdjXLCQ”), the words that are being spoken have very little in common with the workings of Mr. Stone’s mouth, not even if a time-lapse is factored in. Mouth readers should be able to say with one hundred percent certainty that Mr. Stone is not saying what the voice on the video is saying, and that the voice you are hearing is actually that of a conspiratorial theorist, or a prankster, dubbing voices over the men speaking, trying, but not very hard or very well, to match the words they want to express with the workings of the men’s mouths.

And yet these startling and life-changing videos have been seen by fewer than 200,000 people. Makes you think, since the information was released in 2001, at the Disclosure Project conference, that many, many more people would have watched this riveting, $10,000,000 Award for Proof of Alien Sentient Life (however, the $10 Million award for proof of alien sentient life is still up for grabs). The theory behind the Disclosure Project is that there are a documented 57 alien species living amongst us, some interacting with government and big business.

The story goes that there are some aliens living below the surface of the Earth, some are living on the surface, many of which interact, govern and police us everyday, and some that rule us, and there are some that live on the Moon. Earth’s Moon. And they came trillions and trillions of miles just for this? To co-exist with what has to be the most violent species in the universe; mankind? Must be the only habitable planet left, then.

Conspiracies have abounded for decades about aliens waiting at the edge of our Solar System, waiting for the right time to come and wipe out mankind and retake the Planet for themselves. Many cults, even suicide cults, have been based on such, and similar, conspiracies. And yet, the 57 varieties (has Heinz Ketchup been made aware of this? Just imagine the commercials!) of alien species that live amongst and near us have managed to go unseen for this long, all the while being documented.

Take, for instance, that one “breed” of aliens involved in the 57 alien species is Altairian, a species well known to Star Trek fans the world over (and, possibly, the Universe over). The Altairian are purportedly a reptilian species that is interested in retaking the planet Earth back from mankind, since they originated from terra firma (here, on the pretty blue planet, third from the Sun). The Disclosure Project also claims that another of the 57 alien life forms is Big Foot. Just try to imagine the size of that spacecraft, and how intricate the controls must have been.

Th-th-th-that’s all folks! Do de-do-do-do, do de-do-do-do, do do do do do do do (to the tune of Woody Woodpecker).