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Are we really alone on Earth or are there at least 57 alien species of intelligent life visiting as reported by Sgt. Clifford Stone? That is the question! No matter what the answer to that question, the answer will give rise to numerous others! Shall we look at the first question, and then contemplate the others.

There have been reports of Celestial sighting for thousands of years. They are mentioned in virtually every historical text known from the time of Ancient Mesopotamia through to recent reports in the local paper. Are they all imaginary, based upon paranoid or, in some cases, hopeful people and civilizations? The drawing and sketches that have survived from pre-Egyptian and early American Indians certainly show what look like modern space craft and astronauts, but could they be something else?

The goal of the Disclosure Project (, started in 1993 by Steven M. Greer, was to collect specialists and scientifically reliable people to come out in public and try to force the US Government into admitting that UFOs are real. By 2001 he had got support from over 400 government representatives, military personnel, and scientists to come forward, so a press conference was organized and held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on May 9th.

At the Disclosure Project Conference, over 20 of those 400 showed up and gave testimony, but the main one was Sgt. Clifford Stone stating publicly that the U.S. Government had already identified 57 different Alien Races that visited the planet ( Sgt Stone was a very credible witness with aparently nothing to gain, and seemed very sure of what he was saying. As “proof”, his testimony isn’t, but it certainly makes one wonder!

If Sgt. Stone is lying, it creates the question of why? Assuming he wasn’t getting paid (may be a wrong assumption), why would he put himself in such a controversial situation? Maybe to write books or give speeches, that is always a possibility or maybe just to be in the news. Unfortunately he wasn’t the greatest of speakers and his talk didn’t seem rehearsed or polished, and yet his details were very specific.

If Sgt Stone was telling the truth, it creates the question of why the government is denying it! Are the military or politicians trying to access the alien technology to gain world dominance as some believe? Could that be where the rapid rise in the past few decades in weapons, computers and physics has actually come from, alien technology?

The next question arises of why the 57 alien species are only contacting the US or western governments. If crashes (and the UFO sightings are) are random around the planet, what about crashes in Asia, Africa, or South America? Countries in those places wouldn’t be cooperating with the United States in a global conspiracy, they would more likely release everything in an effort to force the “capitalists’ hand”! One of those 57 alien species should have tried to communicate with some one besides the Americans!

Questions, questions, and more questions, we are back to the original one of are we alone. Is Sgt. Clifford Stone a delusional person, an honest witness, or a very clever, undiscovered actor? If his 57 alien species are around, I hope they will speak out soon and hopefully get the world on a safe track for the future. The human race could use the help!