Do Aliens Exist

At the 2001 Disclosure Project conference, Sergeant Clifford Stone, who has worked on top-secret government projects, revealed that 57 alien species have been catalogued. He explained that these species are all humanoid and many of them walk among us. Considering his statements and the attitude of ridicule usually displayed by media outlets covering alien or UFO topics, I can see why there’s still an ongoing “Are We Alone?” debate among the general public.

Sergeant Stone is just one of many military men who have come forward over the years with evidence of alien visitation. There have also been thousands of alien and UFO eyewitness accounts from average citizens recorded. The reason why people still debate if we’re alone in the universe is because there has been no indisputable evidence or proof of alien visitation.

I believe Sergeant Stone is telling the truth in his revelation. I’ve studied aliens, abductions, UFOs, and related literature for many years. From what I’ve read, I know most aliens encountered are humanoid. Also, there are at least three types of “Greys,” as Sergeant Stone describes. I’ve also read of the “Nordics”, sometimes known as “Pleiadians”, which are blonde types that look like typical humans, only taller, as Sergeant Stone describes.

One question that remains is how the 57 alien species info was collected. Was it derived from military-alien interaction or from collective eyewitness accounts? Does the military have regular interaction with aliens? Within alien and UFO literature there are many stories which seem to indicate aliens and military are working together. Some alien abduction accounts detail military personnel and aliens working side-by-side.

I did a web search to find more about Sergeant Clifford Stone. I found an article entitled, “An Exclusive Interview with Sergeant Clifford Stone,” dated January 11, 1995, on In the interview, Stone mentions a government document he calls, “the Snowbird document.” He says it refers to contact occurring between our government and aliens in 1959. Stone believes the contact resulted in an agreement involving exchange of alien technology in return for our government’s silence about alien presence.

The Stone interview further solidifies my feeling that Sergeant Stone is telling the truth. His info jibes with info I’ve gleaned over years of research. He describes some of his collective evidence pointing to the existence of an agreement between our government and aliens. He thinks the agreement has led to things “getting out of hand,” resulting in the large number of alien abductions, experimentations, and implants that have occurred. In the interview, now thirteen years old, Stone thinks our government doesn’t like the way things are going, but doesn’t know how to get out of it. He also believes the aliens will eventually make themselves known to us all.