Do Aliens Exist

Life, by definition, is the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally. However, through the years, we as humans have become ignorant to not only our close surroundings but also our outlying neighbors. The question at hand here is could it be possible that humans are not the only ones that reside in this universe, could there be more than what meets the eye out there, or maybe the signs are right in front of us but we choose to resent, ignore, and dismiss the slightest possibility of life from another planet…it’s only our nature right? Sergeant Clifford Stone, a man who had worked on top-secret government projects, came out in the 80’s broke the vowel of silence and came forth about 57 alien species…seems absurd…right? Well lets look at just 57 as a number, is it a large number, is it a feasible number? Now look at the aliens end of his claim, to remind you aliens by definition is a creature from outer space; extraterrestrial. Could 57 species of aliens exist, could one species of aliens exist? I could hold up a carcass of a dead alien and still more than fifty percent of the crowd would deny it and say it’s fake, because as humans we don’t like to think of change or think of something more powerful that could be inhabiting our universe. Funny how I said our universe…did we as the human race buy this entire universe…yet again it’s just our nature. Back to Stone though, could what he is saying be true, such a subjective question, we can not look at facts because unless you have top-secret clearance and then some we are all only bystanders in this whole thing. We always ask more questions and try to get more answers but truthfully it’s all hearsay so to answer the question could it be possible 57 alien species exist, I say yes, the notion is possible does that mean they are out there? No. But as humans we have to ask questions like this or we may let many more things just slip through our fingers throughout the years. Looking at the evidence or lack of evidence presented we need to draw a conclusion, so never change your stance until you have been proven wrong by EVIDENCE. Many people, to this day, say that the dung beetle overpopulates the earth more than humans (by numbers), does this mean it is their earth, their universe? These questions are hard to answer because truthfully no one knows the answer, we rely on people with big title such as: scientists, doctors, and whatever else comes to mind to answer the questions but truth be told they are only human just like you and me, what they say is what they think. The key word being think. I’m not saying Sergeant Clifford Stone was off his nut or even off his rocker but the fact is he has no real concrete evidence and that is why his notions are so hard to believe for not only the average human but even our intellectual humans. Revisiting the claim, 57…is not a large number until you add something that is already unbelievable by many on the end of it. The aliens part, to say if Stone’s claim is true or not is your call, I feel the notion is feasible but is the whole concept believable?