57 Nonsense

How can there be 57 alien species? How can the human race sit up and debate on something we have no possible knowledge and control over.We shouldn’t get all excited over this because we have no actual proof and its just plain nonsense..Sergeant Stone’s assertion and beliefs should stay secret.He already works or has worked with a secret government agency.This type of controversy wouldn’t help the American people either especially if this type of chaos is portrayed in “million dollar” budget movies that provoke this craziness.his beliefs could cause damage to the nation’s stability and security if they were to ever get out of hand.People believe anything,but people shouldn’t believethis.Aliens? Why are we so interested in the supernatural,the unthinkable and the unimaginable matters. Can’t we just go on living with just the human race.Even if there was a possible chance of life somewhere far from here,would it really make a difference? Can we do something about it? That’s our number one problem in the U.S.A.We think we can solve everything and help everyone.We get ourselves deeper into trouble and crisis by doing so.Nobody’s going to help us,so why are we so obsessed with the world around us.Aliens is an immature subject to toss around, and We have more important matters at hand.Sergeant Stone seems of high status and maybe of high wealth to have such an idiotic subject made into an important topic.He seems like a man with a huge quantity of influence and being,especially when it comes to government issues,well in this case,secret government issues.If we were really having problems with Aliens,don’t you think the Americans would know something about it.That’s why subjects of this nature should not be discussed,because we are too quick to believe everything.The secret government,I’m sure, is hiding other misdemeanor issues too, but hey let this one float to the surface?What is so special about an alien anyway?They have been portrayed as insignificant creatures without a real destiny or motive.In some instances they are given power and the a main goal of demolishing the human race.And we are still interested in them why?I don’t believe in aliens and I definitely disagree with Stone’s misrepresentation of a classicjoke. I wantto know all about the 57 alien species.How come I haven’t been introduced or taught about at least one species?We barely gather enough information in outer space to confirm this belief of “another life”.Stone should really re-think his purpose on the secret government agency.Make a fuss about something that truly matters.Don’t believe humorous lies and treacherous aspirations of others.We have gained no more ground beaneath us on this path of life from this so why should we continue to dig up somehting of un-importance.Be intelligent.Not totally crazy.