Intelligence should not be Meausred by Test Scores alone

Intelligence in the heart.

Some people have brains that are like chips in a computer. They have photographic memories and never forget a thing. What they see, read, or hear, is tattooed in their minds forever. They could compete on “Jeopardy,” the television game show, and know all the answers to the questions. These human geniuses take their intelligence for granted. They are academically blessed.

Average people envy their ability to soak in knowledge like a sponge. We all desire to be intelligent. These super smart people possess the gift to become anything they desire in life. Average people learn and retain, a little of many things, but not all of everything. Often those of average intelligence remember what they learn, only long enough to pass academic exams, and shortly after, forget most of what they learned.

Those who cannot memorize information often lose out. They may have exceptional talents, and wisdom of old. They may have dedication, determination, and aspiration. Passing exams does not make them any smarter. Often they have more common sense, and ability, than those who do pass all the exams. Unfortunately everything leading to financial success depends on passing endless academic exams. Whether one is a super genius, or an average test passer, they don’t understand the pain of those who are looked down upon for not fitting into the mold. The social mold set up by our leaders to measure and judge us all the same.

Even the severely retarded and those who fail all the tests, have talents that are valuable to humanity. They have patience, compassion, love, and appreciation of others. No one should be rewarded for academic achievement and knowledge alone. Every life comes into the world precious in itself. How the brain develops is not controlled. Intelligence comes in many forms. Some through extraordinary memory, while others through actions.

The bottom line should always be how we treat each other. How we share our blessings, and how we appreciate everyone on their own merits. We are all blessed with each our own talents and gifts. If we do not respect each other’s talents, we deny ourselves from seeing the beauty of life. We are all like beautiful flowers in a multi-colored flower garden. No two are exactly alike, however, they are viewed as perfect when they are all seen together. Small, large, smooth, rough, bright, dull, tall, short. Like our personalities, our intelligence is unique only to us. One is not better than another.