57 Alien Species

Among the many government issues in America the last few months, including issues of race, shooting animals from a helicopter, and whether or not the government really needs to get involved with whatever industry needs the bailouts these days, there is this news item in a video with unsynced sound on youTube. The news is this: Sgt. Clifford Stone, a former member of the government’s “X-Files”-esque program, called the “”Disclosure Project””:http://www.disclosureproject.org, has announced in a press conference that during his time with the project in the eighties, they have catalogued 57 types of alien species.

Let me repeat this: a former government official has announced that there are 57 types of alien species. Extraterrestrial beings, 57 of them. Not only is this announced at a press conference, but also it is not covered by any reputable news source that could be found to date. The video is out of sync with the audio, giving it less credibility. This announcement reminds me of years back in the Internet’s collective consciousness to the trials and tribulations of time-traveler John Titor, who claimed to have traveled back in time to post on a web forum. John Titor traveled back in time..to POST ON A WEB FORUM.

I do not claim myself to be a skeptic; I do believe that there is a complete possibility in life on other planets. This universe is so vast, that it’s probably true. But the big issue is that 57 alien creatures have landed on this planet, catalogued by human scientists, and then, as the video later goes on to report, their transport vehicles are being reverse-engineered by human scientists so that companies like Lockheed-Martin can construct a anti-gravity field. This would also lead to a power source that not only would mean perpetual motion machines were possible, but that it could make the environment thousands of times better.

So you can see why it would be hard to believe. I would love it to no end if we had “superluminal” (also known as faster than light travel, according to the man in the video holding the specs of a alien craft) travel. But, every website which I’ve researched and common sense, and the only law of physics I slightly understand due to science fiction and high school, E=MC2, renders this next to impossible. So unless they’ve gone the extra step and invented a travel method powered by my own sense of disbelief, then these 57 aliens have been here for centuries, or are not here at all.

Sgt. Stone may not be looking for attention, but I do believe that he is looking for something be it from the American government, or from the 57 types of aliens he has encountered in his lifetime. Perhaps when the 58th category of alien has arrived in public view for all to see, more questions would be answered.

But who knows, this whole video smells and feels like a hoax.