Vivid Imagination is not Crazy

Vivid Imagination

Many say intelligence and sanity lay close together, but does not creativity require imagination. If you cannot imagine it, you cannot make it so.

Art Requires ImaginationThe art medium of this generation is the motion picture or visual arts. All this comes from imagination and needs to be vivid in order to be marketable. The writer must vivid imagine the story to right the story. Directors and producer must be able to imagine the story in order to bring it to the screen. Actors take their piece and imagine how it will look after production. All these people are in complete control of their mind and in tune to reality.

A child wanted to see Raiders of the Lost Ark and his mother was concerned he could not separate reality from imaginary. He stated I know it is not true. Someone cannot be both Hans Solo and Indiana Jones. This is what we require from the creators of our art. It is much as we require from other creative people in our life. The ones with vivid imagination entertain and inspire us.

Inventors and Imagination

The Wright Brothers had to imagine that humans could fly with a piece of equipment. They saw themselves flying. If the inventor fails to reflect on the task from reality, they would not be able to determine the obstacles necessary to address. With this reality, the imagination can only lead to risky thrill seeking behavior, which would be crazy. With reality, the inventor can use vivid imagination to provide a scenario that can than be studied from an engineering standpoint. Just as we enjoy the products of inventors, we enjoy the imagination of the engineer.

Scientists and Imagination

When a scientist examines experiments, he must imagine or theorize an unknown. Without the imagination, the scientist would not be able to write a hypothesis to test. If crazy, he would just say his story without a testable hypothesis. We expect them to justify before receiving research money. Our health benefits from vivid imagination.

Imagination as Crazy

Humans benefit from vivid imagination so imagination is not crazy in itself. It is when vivid imagination rests outside of reality that insanity is illustrated. Vivid imagination is not the product of a psychotic break, but a psychotic break might reflect vivid imagination as a byproduct.

Daydreaming helps us picture the life we want. We all imagine our lives to determine our goals, but if we live in a world that does not exist and cannot exist, we may be heading towards delusions

One would not want to see imagination as questionable behavior because life would become stagnant. No reality rather than vivid imagination is crazy.