57 Species of Alien

After hearing the press conference where Sergeant Clifford Stone describes how “57 alien species” have been catalogued, it is hard to believe that he did not mention at least a hundred more. There are, after all, almost 193 sovereign countries in the world and that must place the number of aliens, legal or illegal, slightly higher than what Stone has specified. But all chiding aside, Sergeant Stone’s testimony seems even stranger than science fiction as he tells the audience that many different kinds of aliens are living on Earth. Sergeant Stone claims, but provides no evidence for, aliens that can feel color in the dark, and who are so much like humans that they are walking amongst us with us having no clue as to their presence.

One of the biggest holes in his testimony is the actual lack of any kind of observation or evidence that such aliens could really be real. Not many things can go hidden in our world, as anyone living on this planet would be well able to tell you. The truth surfaces sooner or later and no government, no matter how democratic or dictatorial, can suppress blatant and apparent truth from the public. Sure, the government has some secrets and it can cover up various events by hiding and manipulating evidence, but it would hardly make sense that they would be able to cover up such a huge fact as alien species roaming around on the Earth feeling “colors in the dark.”

We have seen many things on television and on You-Tube that we thought we would never see, e.g. Janet Jackson’s nipple and Bush being attacked by weapons of size 8 and a half. Why then, have we never seen any aliens? I mean there are many videos out there that claim that the apparition in them are from another planet, but nothing concrete has ever been seen. If Sergeant Clifford Stone is saying that there are as many as “57 alien species” roaming freely on Earth and living amongst humans as one of us, why has not a single alien come out and shown him or herself to the world? In this world of free media where anyone (or anything) is at complete liberty to post any video on the Internet, it seems very unlikely that such “aliens living amongst us” have kept quiet just because they are under strict orders from the US government not to do so. Sergeant Clifford Stone was not supposed to tell us about the aliens, and the government has not tried to “shut him up.” And what power could the government have on these supposed aliens who possess such complex technologies as superluminal interstellar travel?

This must mean that there really are no aliens living on Earth simply because no one has ever heard from them. If there were any lifeforms living with us who had the capabilities of interstellar flight and other extremely advanced technologies, it would be more probable than not that they would have made their presence felt in one way or another without having to rely on a retired sergeant to tell us about them in a press conference. Sergeant Stone’s story is just that: a story. It almost looks and feels like David Duchovny a la Fox Mulder sitting there tyring to make us believe in something that he saw but cannot prove. It’s too much science fiction drama to be swallowed as real by the audience. The only way someone would believe such a tale would be if any concrete and tangible evidence comes forth, where an actual alien comes up and show him or herself on camera and actually displays some special characteristics. Until then, the “truth may be out there”, but it is still better to “trust no one.”