Alone in the Universe

Are We Along in This Universe?

There is a genuine belief in life outside of what we know on a day to day basis. That there is intelligent life somewhere out in the universe other then what we know as man kind. Looking over the history of man from what is recorded and what is speculated, I believe that there is life other then what I know for a fact to be true here on earth. I have a difficult time thinking that man has come so far in evolution that man is so vein as to believe that human beings are the only intelligent beings in this universe or the next.

Over the years there has been one recorded statement after the next of a person having an extra terrestrial experience, a sighting, and encounter, or even an abduction of sorts. From one end of the globe to the other, the descriptions that are being given to “reporters” has an overwhelming resemblance to the next, that I can’t help but to wonder what the element of truth is behind these people’s experiences. I can’t believe that it is just a coincidence that each person is describing a “being” from out space with such similar features, not every person that has had an encounter would be able to describe these beings the same way. So in this being a question of existence of intelligent life elsewhere in a universe, I would have to say that there is. With the sighting of UFO’s there were reports of crop circles that began appearing in cornfields around the world, now for a while they were popping up rather frequently, and yes there are those that have been proven to be false. However, are all of them false impressions, of what might have been out there, or could it possibly be that there is intelligent life out there trying to reach us.

Now as silly as this may sound to the next person reading this statement, there are numerous movies that revolve around the supernatural, and the very real possibility of extra terrestrials living amongst us, invading our planet, or getting stuck here on earth and then finding a way of adapting to life here on earth. From the hit television series “V”, the X-Files, and even Men in Black, have you ever asked yourself why it is that these movies or series are such a success, is it a fluke that these become a focal point for entertainment purposes, or is there an element of truth behind the scenes, that will peek the interests of viewers, asking themselves the ageless question of “Are we alone?” this is not an easily answered question by any means, but there are beliefs. I am one that sincerely believes that there is intelligent life out there somewhere, and with the 57 alien species that were reported as being recorded, I would not doubt it. With the speculations of what it is that Area 51 is for, what it is that is kept behind closed doors, and why the need for such secrecy about it, I believe that there are far more then a mere 57 alien species. Sometimes it is better to not know something then to know for fact that there is something out there as intelligent as or more intelligent than man. Having the knowledge that there are extra terrestrials living amongst us would cause such a panic, that keeping the majority in the “dark” about the truth is better. I however, without ever having an experience, or an abduction, I believe that there is life out there other then what I know here on earth.