The Difference between being Shy and being Rude

So you see a kid sitting in the corner at a party, and you wonder why he isn’t being social. Is he just being a jerk, or is he not having fun? The first thing you might think is that the person is ignoring you, and just doesn’t feel like being around you. This can be considered rude, and people might get a negative first impression of people who don’t socialize much in groups. While being social is something that you need to succeed in life, should you get a bad rap for being shy?

Shy people aren’t being quiet because they are rude, they just don’t feel comfrotable in large groups. This isn’t an indication that they are bad people, just that they don’t talk much. I tend to be more reserved around people sometimes, and I hate when people take it as a sign that I don’t want to be social, or don’t want to be at a party. Why do I have to be around people all the time? Can’t I decide how I have a good time at a party?

However, there are times when being quiet can be rude. if someone is talking to you, and you just ignore them, or if you just act as if you think you are better than someone, you are being rude. You can be shy, but still be civil to people, and not be a jerk in a group. A rude person is someone that will probably give people funny looks, or just act as if they are too good to be where they are, or as if they have someplace better to be. Generally a shy person will just be comfortable by themselves, without acting too good for the party.

Shy people might be quiet, but they do care about others. They will often go out of thier way to prove that they are a good friend, and will show people what they think, as opposed to always having to say what they think. This can be annoying sometimes, as you want people who are good communicators, but as long as a person is trying who am I to judge? Shy people are typically not going to put up a fight when it comes to what you need them to do, and will often go along with what others want.

A rude person is going to get in your way, and act like you are in the way. They might stand there while you have a conversation, or act impatient while you are doing something. You just get a bad vibe about someone who is quiet, but is being rude at the same time. It is a lack of communication skills, and assuming that the world will just act accordingly to the whims of the person who isn’t talking, yet can’t understand why things aren’t happening.

Being shy isn’t a problem. Being rude is just plain rude. You can be quiet, but not be percieved as rude. Just don’t do things that will rub people the wrong way. If you want to sit and just see things going on around you thats cool, but don’t sit there and act as if you have something better to do when you don’t.