The Difference between being Shy and being Rude

Shy you can keep, rude you must discard! There is a clear difference between these two words “shy” and “rude”. Shy you can work with, rude you can work without. Since I am an expert at being shy, let me expound, a little, on the difference between shy and its counterpart, rude.

But before I do so, what is shy and what is rude? Let us look at the differences between them.

1. Shy is quiet, but rude is vulgar. That is plain enough right? By nature, I am a shy person, which means that I am an introvert. I do not intentionally try to OVER do anything or OUT do anyone. That’s me! I am just little reserve me. Some people would describe me as timid, bashful, cowardly, etc, etc. However, there is only one BIG word, which truly describes me; HUMBLE! If I am nothing else, I am humble. Shy and humble are friends. They may bashfully refuse an invitation, but they will not disrespect the person who offers the invite. On the other hand, rude is harsh, loud, blunt; an extrovert. An extrovert will intentionally or physically outright disrespect someone to satisfy his/her needs. Rude and disorder are friends. They will boldly accept the invitation, while at the same time disrespectfully snatching the invitation from the hands of the invitee.

2. Shy practices restraints, but rude cry out freedom. Let me explain. I know I have many God-given rights as well as earthly rights; but I am not going to exert force to disrespect any one just because I can. However, on the other hand, a rude person will disrespectfully do anything to exercise his/her bill of rights. I say, I will respectfully use them(my rights) if I have to; but a rude person says I do what I want, when I want to, and I dare someone to try to stop me.

3. Shy is private, but rude is public. Usually, a rude person’s strength comes from others encouragement, but a shy person’s strength comes from self and God. Naturally, I would rather quietly call on a rude person, for us, to privately discuss a matter to avoid embarrassment; but a rude person normally would refuse and instead, create a disgraceful scene for all to witness. This, a rude person will do to bolster his/her ego, which usually gives him/her a false sense of power. This a shy person will do to strengthen self, because he/she knows better.

Some people think being shy is a negative thing, and most believe being rude is a terrible thing. Few think shy is rude. But, never the less, both exist to keep a balance on things. We all cannot be shy nor can we all be rude, but we all can work to be civil at best.